Wednesday, May 27, 2015

30x30 17: Kiddo

For some reason I feel like a little kid in this outfit.  Perhaps the bright mix of colors has me feeling youthful?  I wore this outfit this past weekend and as soon as my husband saw me he said "roll up the sleeves!"  He has great style, so whenever he gives me advice I take it.  I rolled up the flannel sleeves which made the look more casual (a goal for the last half of my 30 for 30!), but it kept me from dying the in humid Indiana heat!

I have worn a similar version of this outfit (minus the flannel) here!
Flannel|Mossimo   Top & Trousers| Old Navy   Booties|Style&Co.  Bag|Coach  Shades|No Label 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30x30 16: Sox

One this missing in my first half of the 30 for 30 Challenge was casual outfits.  I decided to pull out my favorite Gap jeans and this comfortable MLB tee for an easy weekend look.  This is actually what I wore for Memorial Day when I was running errands and hanging out with the husband.  He's a huge Boston sports fan, so this shirt is for him!

My favorite way to take a casual outfit from sloppy to put together is to add some classic heels.  Now, I didn't have much choice seeing as I didn't pick any flats in my 30, but it's something I do regularly.  Check out these looks (here and here) if you want to see other ways to dress up your favorite sports tee!
Tee|MLB   Jeans and Chambray|Gap   Heels|Jessica Simpson Collection   Bag|Vintage   Glasses|Yelp

Monday, May 25, 2015

30x30 Halfway

I am officially halfway through my 30 for 30 Challenge!  Which look has been your favorite so far?

Friday, May 22, 2015

30x30 15: Femme

Day 15 of the 30 for 30 Challenge!  So far I have been sticking with feminine looks and really choosing to wear my skirts and dresses.  I have several items I haven't even worn yet, so I am looking forward to featuring more casual looks in the next 15.  So far I still have my mojo and I'm going strong!  This time last challenge I was already burned out and wanting to quit.

Someone commented to me today "You always have such cool ways of pairing your clothes.  You're a lot bolder than a lot of people want to be." It was a lot nicer to hear than "You always dress weird" which I have definitely heard a time or twenty two.  I didn't tell her that some of my recent combinations have been because of the 30 for 30!  It has forced me to wear items together that I never would have before.  I'm loving it!
Top|Limited   Skirt|H&M   Sandals|xhiliration   Bag|Coach   Belt|NY&Co.   Glasses|Ann Taylor

30x30 12: Top Knot(ch)

Oh top knot, I love you so.  You are a lazy girl's best friend.  I am trying not to wash my hair every day so that I can grow it out after my major chop last fall, so I have a few days a week where I toss it up and go.  Dry shampoo has become my best friend, but some days I just want to put zero effort (okay maybe 5% effort) into my hair.

This is one of the first outfits I mentally put together when putting together my 30 items.  The skirt is a recent H&M purchase, and I've had this mustard sweater for a few years.  I made the mistake of washing it incorrectly, so it's pretty short.  As a result, I usually only wear it tucked into higher waisted skirts.  We all have items like this right?  There's something wrong with them but we listen to Tim Gunn and make it work!
Sweater|Limited   Skirt|H&M   Belt|Banana Republic   Bag|Coach   Shoes|Jessica Simpson  Glasses|Ray-Ban   Necklace|Apt.9

30x30 13: Pep

It's not secret that I am a big fan of the peplum.  I got on board several years ago and never really got off board.  Even my wedding gown featured a peplum.  It was my one "must have" when I was shopping for gowns.  I told the saleswoman I wanted a peplum, she brought out two dresses and I picked one (before I even tried it on!) and that was that.  So it makes total sense that I have not one but two peplum items in my 30 this time around!
Shirt|Gap   Skirt|Mossimo   Belt|Old Navy   Shoes|Bandolino   Bag|Coach

Monday, May 18, 2015

30x30 14: Wearing a Dress as a Top

One of my biggest tricks during this 30 for 30 has been wearing dresses as tops.  Tucking them into skirts and securing with a cinched belt has allowed me to really increase my outfit options.  I've already used this trick three times since beginning the challenge. 

Prior to starting In Kinsey's Closet I was pretty set in my ways.  Tops were tops, dressess were dresses and there was no in between.  Seeing other style bloggers mixing and matching their wardrobes in interesting ways has been really inspiring for me.  This means no limits! 
Blouse(dress)|Max Studio   Skirt|Merona   Belt|Charlotte Ronson  Clutch|Vintage   Shoes|Jessica Simpson   Glasses|No Label