Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buffalo Plaid Poncho

My wardrobe is having a serious case if Bipolar right now fluctuating between summer and fall depending on my mood.  Today fall won over because frankly I rediscovered this buffalo plaid poncho in my sweater closet and couldn't wait another month to break it out.  I love rediscovering things you forgot you own, because it's like buying them all over again (this time for free)!  Every time the season changes I find things I forgot about the year before when everything was packed away.  Things are looking up!

Poncho|Mossimo   Jeans|F21    Pumps&Clutch|Jessica Simpson  Sunglasses|Betsey Johnson  Belt|Limited

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fast Times

I have a weeknight routine that I rarely deviate from.  Part of my routine is packing my clothes in my gym bag for the next morning so I can grab it on my way out the door to spin class.  There are days where I put a decent amount of time into what outfit I want to wear the next day, and other times where I have about 37 seconds to pack my bag and hop in bed before I fall asleep in my shoe closet.  This outfit is the result of the latter.  Some days I am lucky if I remember to a bra, so I call this a win!
Top&Skirt|Limited   Shoes|American Rag   Sunglasses|Charming Charlie   Bag|Italian Market

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Pencil Midi-Skirt

I love a good deal.  This skirt?  I got it for less than a buck at a thrift shop near my house.  That's practically free in my book!  I love the length of this skirt, because it's about 8 inches longer than any of the other pencil skirts I own.  A pencil midi-skirt?  I can tell I'll be wearing this all fall!  I mentally tried on about 10 tops with this before deciding that simple was best. This basic soft tee from Target is the perfect match!  

PLUS I am repping my high school colors (shout out to any West Side Red Devils reading)! 
Tee|Merona   Skirt|Thrifted   Bag|Coach   Belt|Limited   Pumps|Jessica Simpson

Monday, August 15, 2016

Falling Prematurely

File this outfit under "outfits worn in the wrong season".  There is nothing summery about this look save for the bare legs.  The color scheme, the sweater and long scarf are all Autumn staples that I pulled out about two months too early. I attribute this to the cold office syndrome I've been dealing with this summer.  It makes me just the teeniest bit ready for fall.  I'll take all the warm summery days I can get, because I always miss them when I'm preheating my car and shoveling snow off my front porch!
Sweater|Limited   Skirt|Banana Republic   Scarf|H&M   Booties|Style   Bag|Coach  Glasses|Firmoo

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot and Cold

Here's the dilemma:  During the summer it can be sweltering and humid outside, but like an ice box in your office because the AC is cranked.  It's tough to dress appropriately for both outdoors and work because you'll either be sweating of freezing your butt off!  I keep an "office cardi" at work in case I get chilly, but I don't think the answer to this problem is "put a cardigan on it".  

So this is a perfect example of an outfit that kept me toasty at work, and made me want to jump into a pool the second I stepped outside.  There has to be a happy medium that doesn't simply involve putting a cardigan on.  That reminds me of when every girl I knew got jobs out of college and their idea of work wear was black pants, a party top and a cardigan layered over to make it "office appropriate".  No.  No no no.  

This look features one of my all time favorite skirts that I thrifted from Goodwill last year.  Cute AND cheap?  My favorite combination! Into this skirt I tucked this trusty sweater I picked up six or seven years ago on sale at Old Navy.  This also falls into my trusty cute and cheap category.  Seriously, what's better than scoring something cute for a steal?!

See how I styled this sweater before here.  See how I styled this skirt before here.

Sweater|Old Navy   Skirt|Thrift   Heels&Bag|Coach   Glasses|Kenneth Cole

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


BYOB= Bring your own bridesmaid dress!

Earlier this summer I was in one of my best girlfriend's wedding.  She allowed us each to pick our own dresses (insert praise hand emoji here!) as long as they were short and navy.  Each bridesmaid was able to pick something in her own style and price range along with what worked for her body.  Hallelujah!  

I chose this little number from ModCloth and was extremely happy with it! First of all, I have already worn it several times so it's been worth every penny.  No "oh you'll totes wear it again" bull with this dress!  Since I picked it out, I know I love it and will wear it over and over again!  I'm happy to have this dress hanging in my closet next time I have a wedding to attend or want a cute date night look. 
Dress|ModCloth   Shoes|American Rag   Bag|Limited   Sunglasses|Vogue

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Perfection

Full disclosure: I have worn this dress about 4 times since I purchased it last weekend.  I tend to do that when I find something I love- I wear the heck out of it.  I bet I'll end up wearing this two dozen times before summer is out.  1It is the casual dress of my dreams!  I love how the chambray pairs well with everything, the delicate detailing on the bottom of the dress and the open back keeps me cool when the temperature rises.  I'm already anticipating how to transition this piece for fall with some boots and a linen shirt layered underneath.  Now I am eagerly awaiting autumn...
Dress|Lauren Conrad   Heels|Aldo   Bag|Coach   Belt|Charlotte Ronson   Sunglasses|Rampage