Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Husband Dressed Me: Snow Day

We've had some beautiful weather in Indiana recently, but our luck has run out.  Yesterday it got cold and started to flurry.  Scot had checked the daily forecast and made sure I had a blazer and tights to keep me warm(ish) for the predicted snow day.  The clouds even started spitting out flakes while we did this shoot!

Why he picked this outfit: "This selection was based on pattern mixing.  I know from taking dozens of blog shoots over the years that Kinsey likes to combine patters for an eclectic look.  This was my approach on pattern mixing; I have a fondness for polka dots, so this was the key element to build around.  I just went for it and hoped it stuck!"

What I thought: I totally would have chosen this outfit for myself!  In fact, I actually did way back in April 2015!  I loved the pattern mixing here, and adding a blazer made this a great work outfit.   I felt comfortable all day, because I know that Scot put a lot of effort into choosing pieces I would love.  This marble print skirt is one of my favorites simply because I have never seen anyone else in something like it, and pairing it with polka dots in the same color family made for a "me" look!
Blouse|Merona   Skirt|Everleigh  Blazer|H&M   Tights|HUE   Shoes|Anne Klein   Brooch|Gifted   Glasses|Firmoo   Clutch|Jessica Simpson

Monday, February 8, 2016

My Husband Dressed Me: Casual Glam

For years I have wanted my husband Scot to pick out a week's worth of outfits for me to feature on In Kinsey's Closet.  Now after five years I finally have my wish.  Scot spent over an hour going through my closets and thoughtfully choosing outfits for to wear this week.

Why he picked this outfit: "I picked this outfit because I think Kinsey is really stunning in the color purple, and the cream waffle knit cardigan really goes well with this sweater to make it a seasonally sensible look.  I dig knee-high boots with tight indigo jeans, I thought she would look really good with this combo.  I believe this is something Kinsey would pick for herself, put perhaps not with the jewelry additions.  This is one of my favorite weekend looks."

What I thought: I'm not sure I ever would have put this outfit together.  It seems a little simple, but the addition of the necklace takes it up a notch.  I wouldn't have thought to pair a statement necklace with such a basic look, but it actually makes it pop.  I like the thought he put into this look though.  He was trying to glam up a casual look so that I was comfortable, but didn't feel "basic". This outfit was perfect for running errands and getting the house ready for Super Bowl guests!  

Sweater|Limited   Jeans|Gap   Cardigan|Urban Outfitters   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Coach   Necklace|Charming Charlie   Glasses|Randolph

Friday, February 5, 2016

Olive + Chambray

I've been loving the navy and olive combo recently, but I switched it up a little by subbing a chambray button up for navy.  Topped off with a leopard print scarf (there isn't a leopard print accessory I haven't wanted!) and an olive rain jacket I am good to go.  This outfit is the perfect outfit for running a few errands and catching up with friends.
Jacket|Merona   Chambray|Gap   Skirt&Belt|Banana Republic   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Coach   Glasses|Firmoo

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Date Night Leather

Lately I have been straying away from my beloved pencil skirts in favor of trying new silhouettes.  Midis, maxis and especially A-line skirts have found a place in my heart and in my closet.  This leather number has been one of my favorite additions.  I can easily dress it up for work or add some texture for a date night look...  Who am I kidding though? My favorite date night recently has been snuggling up with my boo on the couch and watching Netflix and I can guarantee I'm not wearing a leather skirt! Who wants to see a post where I wear my favorite college sweat pants and my husband's sweater? I'll answer that for you. No one.  So instead you get this.  I swear I'll wear it on a date once Spring comes around!
Sweater|INC   Skirt|Limited   Shoes|Alfani   Bag|Coach   Glasses|Firmoo

Monday, February 1, 2016


This weekend was all about relaxation.  For the first time in a while I had no obligations either day so I could just run errands, clean and get together with girlfriends.  I even had time to deep clean my fridge, you know the epitome of relaxation!  This is the outfit I wore to meet two of my best friends on Saturday morning.  I wanted something casual, so  I pulled this look together because I have become semi-obsessed with the olive and navy color combination.  I just needed something to break me out of my black, white and red rut!
Top|Merona   Vest&Skirt|Banana Republic   Bag|olive+joy   Booties|Style&Co   Sunnies|Ray-Ban

Friday, January 29, 2016

Styling a Basic Black Pencil Skirt

Oh hey.  I didn't see you there.  I'm just chilling in a parking garage NBD.  

This outfit marks the return of the pencil skirt for me.  For a few years I would figure out a way to wear a pencil skirt to every occasion because I just loved them.  I still do, but I made the decision to focus on switching up silhouettes and that meant tucking away some of my beloved skirts for awhile.  The last time I pulled one out was back in August.   So for today's look I paired an orange tie-neck blouse with a dotted cardigan and finished everything off with pair of leopard print heels.  
Blouse&Cardigan|Merona   Skirt|Limited   Clutch|Vintage   Heels|BCBG   Coat|Old Navy   Glasses|Firmoo

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shades of Grey

Well it may not be 50, but this outfit features two very similar shades of grey.  This cowl neck sweater is one of my all time favorite cold weather staples.  I purchased it over five years ago at an H&M and brought it's camel colored brother home with him.  I was searching for a skirt to pair with this comfy top when I came across this skirt I haven't worn in years.  Like probably since 2010.  It has survived multiple closet clean outs because I loved the color and the tulle peaking out the bottom.  Every time I do a purge I actively talk myself out of donating this skirt.  Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!
Sweater|H&M   Skirt|Gap   Shoes&Coat|Jessica Simpson   Clutch|Coach   Glasses|Firmoo