Monday, September 20, 2010

The Interview

Depending on what type of place you interview, you will have to switch it up.  It is a good idea to always overdress and then take off a jacket if you feel uncomfortable.  This is an example of an affordable suit that will work well in most any interview.  This isn't what I wore to my interview, but I've worn it in the past for presentations.

Suit: The Limited
Silk Shell: spense
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Coach

The accessories are my favorite part of this outfit, because the suit is so basic.  The pop of color is perfect, the nude pumps are a welcome alternate to boring black, and the bag is stylish and appropriate for any interview.


Jess said...

Dang - I would totally wear this. This is super cool, not to mention the back ground! I'm going to be looking for the newest fall fashions at What to Wear to Work!!!

Jimmy Mellish said...

actually i never thought of taking my jacket off at an interview if i felt over dressed

Berk Nadir said...

You should wear that suit around just because.