Saturday, October 23, 2010

Always a Bridesmaid...

I've been a bridesmaid in 5 weddings.  At 24 I'm not sure it that is a lot or a little. I am lucky that I haven't had to wear any stereotypical hideous bridesmaid dresses.  I still have all of my bridesmaid dress though I will never wear them again.  Luckily my friends and sisters weren't silly enough to pull that "and you can wear it again!" line on me because these are definitely one hit wonders.

I'm embarrassed to post this because I look like a hunchback!  My sister's wedding in May 2007
Brother's wedding in August 2007 (Actually this one go to see the light of day again, but it wasn't me who wore it.  My mom wore it to some ball she went to)

Friend's wedding December 2008
Friend's wedding May 2009

Best friend's wedding October 2010

 Tell me, what is the worst bridesmaid dress you have ever worn?


Andie said...

when my older sister got married in 1993, the dresses we wore were velvet on top and iridiscent taffeta on the bottom. they were hideous. I should find a picture and share it with ya'll at my blog because it was AWFUL! LOL

LyddieGal said...

Strapless satin a-line. God, bridesmaids dresses are the worst!!!!

I'm going to be a first time bridesmaid next spring in my brother's wedding. It's pink, satin, strapless and floor length. I'm not looking forward to wearing it. Haha.

I know for certain I would never put my bridesmaids in such a dress. I would go for something a bit more quirky, like this dress from modcloth, or maybe this lace one. OHH or this one!

I ask you, In a world of super adorable dresses, why, oh why, go the standard strapless satin a-line route?

Chic on the Cheap

Pamela said...

Oh man, I could rant FOREVER on this subject. I still see red when I think of the "you'll wear it again" dress I donned for a friend's wedding a couple years ago. I vowed to never make new single friends from then on, in fear of ever having to do that again. The dress wasn't even that bad but the thought of someone making you buy something that you didn't pick out! Grrr!!

Call Me Ishmael

Annebeth said...

I've never been a bridesmaid, but I honestly think all your bridesmaid dresses look amazing! and we all look like a hunchback from time to time, haha

if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

Viktoria with a K said...

I've never been a bridesmaid! However, I have to say that my sister's maid of honor dress IS a black dress she can wear again. And she has! It's J. Crew. I actually wanted her to hem it, but she liked it long (It hits just below her knee)! I got compliments at the wedding for picking a dress she really can wear again. So, I guess what I'm saying is if you're looking for a recommendation, check out J. Crew!

amanda archambault said...

Great pictures! I work for a Wedding planner so I have weddings every weekend. It's so much fun and joyful. You look like you had a great time

Thanks for the comment by the way! I am going to have to go by Target and get some of those tights!

Check out my new post!
xoxo, Amanda

Margaret said...

i've always wanted to be a bridesmaid! and you look so pretty in all those photos :) hair up really suits you
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx


You look so beautiful in those dresses!


Sidewalk Chalk said...

I've never been a bridesmaid, but when I was a flower girl once, I had to wear a hideous hat. When I got married, I just picked a color scheme and let my bridesmaids pick sundresses in either a solid color or floral print. Since they got to pick them out,they've been able to wear them again. Cocktail lengths also made it easier for them to wear again.

Good luck with your planning!

Sidewalk Chalk

Anonymous said...

I liked all the bridesmaids dreses I've had to wear..but like you said, probably won't wear them again..the idea of a dress you can wear again is great. For me personally, I like the traditional a-line strapless :) when else do you get to dress up in a gown after prom??


Elaine said...

Soooo...when are you going to be the bride? :)

Hope said...

I've actually only been in one wedding! But "behind the scenes" in several others. At my wedding, I tried to find a dress that flattered all my girls, and I think I did a pretty good job. However, the one wedding that I was in, the only thing that I can complain about is that the dress was "tea" length. Not the most flattering on me, and I have larger thighs and VERY pale legs. :) OH well, I rock my paleness.

You look lovely in all those dresses though!! The pink one is really fun!!

Chas said...

I've never actually been a bridesmaid surprisingly enough. I like the red one you're wearing in the third picture!

Jenni Wells said...

I've never been a bridesmaid but when I had my wedding all of my bridesmaids wore whatever style of green dress they wanted. one of my best friends showed up in a vintage inspired, sea foam green, 50s house dress (so lovely) and my other best friend (she has blue hair) showed up in a tye-dye dress of different shades of green. i loved both of them! then again..... my wedding was pretty casual. best of luck with the wedding planning. remember.... people won't remember the little imperfections

Frances Joy said...

The worst was a weirdo burgundy gown that was both off the shoulder and had spaghetti straps. Yes. Both. It was so weird. I've got four bridesmaids dresses sitting around that I will never wear again. For my own wedding, I asked my bridesmaids to pick out a green dress. I don't think they'll ever wear them again, but that's not really my fault. Hahaha

Hope your wedding plans are stress free(ish)!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to be a bridesmaid, but at my wedding I took the whole gang to the bridal store and told them to pick the style that suited them as long as it was knee length and I could find them all in the same color. Funniest part, as you know, they all picked the same dress! :)

Loving your blog more every day, girl!

Lori Franzen