Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween (Part 1: The Office)

Today is the last day of the BBCA challenge.  I'm not sad to see it go, I'm ready for different colors! Picking a costume for work was difficult, because I wanted to use only items I already had in my closet and I had to wear pink for the BBCA!  I don't have many items that can be made into a costume featuring pink, so I went pretty mild for work. 
 Top: Old Navy
Cami: Eddie Bauer
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Old from Target

So what am I? Oh you know, just your normal everyday cowgirl waiting for the bus.  I am excited for my costume for the actual Halloween, but this work one is pretty tame.  Working with clients who are severely mentally ill also limits what you can wear.  No masks, no scary costumes, nothing that could send someone into a psychotic state.  Hence, enter the cowgirl!
Do you have different costumes for work and the actual day?


Daniela said...

Cute outfit! And props to you for wearing pink everday! I don't have 1 pink item in my wardrobe, I don't think.

(I think that guy works as a tour guide in Boston!)


Thanks for your sweet comment!
Nice colored blouse

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

Carla said...

You have a lvovely blog!

Redhead In Law