Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  This is one of my favorite holidays, and I had a blast going out last night with great friends.  I have always been way more impressed with homemade costumes that are funny rather than the store bought cookie-cutter costumes.  I can't count how many "Sassy Sailors" I saw last night.  So in the spirit of homemade costumes, I took some inspiration from one of my favorite shows: Mad Men!
 Dress: thrifted, hemmed
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Bracelets: I have no clue, some cheap store 

I wanted a costume I didn't have to spend any money on this year.  Last year I wore the same costume I wore the previous year (I know, lame!) just to avoid spending a lot of money on a costume, but this year I went in my closet to find inspiration.  I've worn this dress recently here, so it isn't strictly costumey, but I thought it was perfect for this!  I'm loving the beehive, I think it is time for that hairstyle to make a comeback!

So I am interested in knowing, what is your costume for Halloween??


Sarah said...

So chic! I love it!
I found your blog from your interview with Amanda! I'm now following! Would love to see you among my followers too!

Happy Halloween!

Sarah XXXX

Mimi said...

I Love Mad Men!!! Great costume...wish I would've dressed up this year, but we've been out of town so when I got back I had no energy to come up with something great....I have a cool vintage dress that would've worked too...bummer;( Oh well, there's always next year! Glad you had a fun Halloween xo

Daniela said...

Great costume! I love costumes where people use things they already own...!
You look great :)

Sophi said...

You look drop-dead gorgeous in that dress, and your hair is perfection!


Fashion Butter said...

This is perfect - love the red lips too.

Joy said...

I went into my closet too! I hate buying costumes!

Here's my Halloween