Friday, October 22, 2010

Transitioning Summer Wardrobe to Fall

I hate the idea of losing half of my closet twice a year when the seasons change.  Why can't I wear my favorite white shoes in the winter?  My favorite Rebecca Taylor dress should not only get the privilege of coming out when the thermometer reaches 80 degrees.  So I took some advice from Meagan at spunky chateau on how to extend my spring and summer clothes through the next several months.

Dress: Xhiliration
Jacket: Talbots
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: thrifted
Necklace: H&M

I followed rules 1 and 2 here by pairing my summer dress with tights and layering with a light jacket.  
What are some other tips for extending your wardrobe?


Chas said...

Cute! Love the dress and brown belt!

Melissa said...

Oooh, I love the pattern mixing! I don't own a lot of pattern so I haven't had many opportunities to play with mixing.

I'm adding you to the BBCA list of participants right now - don't worry about it being late in October, any time is great! So glad you can join us! :)

20 York Street said...

It's soo funny your post is about summer to fall transition coz I just wrote an article about that yesterday, see?

I love layering my button-downs under a dress. It looks kinda school girl funky.

p.s. Followin' you, love that you are so bold when it comes to dressing up!


Meagan said...

Thanks for the link Kinsey! I really appreciate it. I love how you transitioned this dress. It looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

Loving your transitional pieces! And the belt/tights color combo with the dress is INSANE! Have a great weekend, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love! I got the Vera dress two weeks ago. It's in her fall collection, so it should still be there!

Anna Katrina said...

i love how you transitioned your pieces!!

stop by sometime<3

Pamela said...

I like how you wore tights with your summer shoes. I've only started doing that! Great statement necklace!

Call Me Ishmael

devilishlypleasurable said...

those are gorgeous shoes, Kinsey!

Kinsey said...

No problem Meagan! Love the article so I had to spread the love :0)

Emma said...

i love pairing my summer things with sweaters and tights! your outfit is darling!

Daniela said...

ok so I just found your blog and I'm loving every outfit - THIS one is my favorite so far! That's a target dress?!?!

Anna said...

I love the print on this dress! So cute!!