Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Edge of Seventeen

Day 17 of the 30 for 30 Challenge!  I am so happy to be more than halfway done!  I'm going to keep it short and sweet today.  The roads out there are awful and I have to drive to work slowly to keep safe so I need to leave early!
Top: (Actually a dress) LOFT
Skirt: Merona
Jacket: Banana Republic
Tights: Target
Boots: American Eagles

Now I wish I would have included more boots in my 30 for 30.  It looks like all I'll be wearing for the next few days is boots, no heels in the snow and ice! 


Daniela said...

Love your nail polish!!

Ashley J said...

I agree with that mint green nail polish, love it!

Angie said...

Any shade of red looks great on you!I like your belt and the way it adds style to the outfit!

Linda said...

I love that you worked that hallway like a runway!

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Joy said...


S + Y said...

Yes yes yes I knew you were going to name this post "Edge of Seventeen"!!! I would've been disappointed had you named it something else like "Seventeen again" haha! I love Stevie Nicks!! :) And I love all the red in this outfit! ;)


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the red top and tights with the nude suit.

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D Dierks said...

Love the red shirt and tights and the sparkle in that skirt! You look great!

Meagan said...

I adore that skirt! I'm so glad you picked it for the challenge.

LyddieGal said...

i love the cream and bright red! this look is awesome. and your belt -- so fab!

and what color is your nail polish?

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Silvia said...

CUTE BLOG DEAR!!! Will you check out mine? i'd love to have you as a follower and know your opinion, hope to hear from you soon!!

J.J. said...

I showed my husband your blog and we both agree you are beautiful :)

Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

May I just say that your outfits are inspiring! Thank you!