Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One is the Lonliest Number

Day one of the 30 for 30 Challenge!  Sorry, I am running behind on my posting.  Most people had these up yesterday, but I like to build suspense!  Actually I had some technical difficulties in my life and couldn't get around to posting until today.  

Top: thrifted
Skirt: Michael Kors
Tights: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: "Permanently borrowed" from my Mama

Today, my friend at work told me she liked my shoes.  The next question that comes out of any woman's mouth after complimenting your shoes is always "Are they comfortable?"  I found myself immediately doing the "Oh no, they are actually comfy" routine for a few seconds before I stopped myself and said "Yeah actually they do kinda hurt!"  Why do we (or am I the only one) lie and say our shoes are comfortable when they aren't?  Actually, every pair of Jessica Simpson shoes I own are comfortable, but other than those my shoes are hit and miss.    I still wear them regardless, but I'll take it to my grave that they pinch my ankle or make my toes fall asleep.


Daniela said...

thanks for the honesty!! lol NONE of my heels are comfortable!!

Ashley J said...

I love how you broke up a otherwise plain outfit with those bold red tights!! Great start to the 30 for 30 challenge!


Quizshow said...

You just reminded me that I have red tights...yay! Super cute shoes, where are they from?

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE those tights. I've been shying away from the bright red but seeing them on you makes me want them.