Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 24 of the 30 for 30 Challenge!  I know several remixers are dying for the challenge to be over, but we are in the homestretch! If we post every day, by this time next week we will be finished! Yay!  
I noticed that yesterday seemed to be the unofficial belt-your-scarf day with my remixer friends.  It seemed like everyone was giving it a try.  I have never attempted the look, but I wanted to push myself to try new things.  That is the point of this challenge after all!  I preferred to leave my scarf a little asymetrical so that one side hung down a little longer than the other.  I'm sure I'll try this look a few different ways before I find the one that works for me!
 Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Merona
Scarf: gifted
Boots: American Eagle
Belt: thrifted

After this challenge, I may have to retire these boots.  There are getting soiled and ripped from age and frequency of use.  I love them, but I don't want to walk around in a great outfit and ripped boots.  No thanks!  Anyone else still clinging to items on their last leg?


S + Y said...

Oh, I love how you belted your scarf, Kinsey!! Woot woot! And barely a week left... way to go!


J.J. said...

1. In the first photo, I thought you weren't wearing a shirt! I thought 'Ok, that's a lil risque, but to each her own!' lol! I get it... I freakin love this red skirt. I love red. Period. I think it looks especially fantastic on us blondes :)

2. I have a pair of Woodbridge vintage boots that have a rip in the back and I have already sewn up a few times. I had a different (nearly identical) pair, thrifted from a Salvation Army, which I wore from ages 15-23, and until they fell off me in crumbles, literally, when I was walking in the Mall in D.C. I wear them from August-May! No wonder I kill my shoes! I will someday write an ode to those boots.

3. Yours are suede, right? I'm not good about keeping suede in shape. Leather can be reconditioned for 100 years, but suede boots are harder to maintain. They're cute, anyway. Do you spray them with a water repelant every so often?

4. I write lists even when I don't need to. I heart lists.

Liz said...

I belted my scarf yesterday {to be seen tomorrow - I'm always a few days behind posting}! Do you think we're all sending each other crazy 30x30 brainwaves {kidding, kinda}??

26 and Counting

Angie said...

You are right about belting the scarf.It's one of the tricks we try when run out of ideas!!!Also, it takes some skills in styling to do it!!!

Heidi said...

Thank you for your sweet encouraging words!

You look very bright & happy in these pictures. One can never go wrong with a belted scarf. Lovely.

(& I accidentally commented while signed into my hubby's (Ed) account. Oops!)

Ashley J said...

You look really good might be your color!!!

rlutz said...

Love how you belted the scarf...the boots are great!

Viktoria said...

I love the belted scarf on you! Good luck with the rest of your challenge. All of your outfits have been beautiful so far.. can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jen HaHA said...

I have noticed the belted scarf look but alas, I have no belt for scarfing. I have been using scarves for belting. I have more to say (surprise surprise) but I'm standing at the bus stop freezing my fingers because I don't have my fingerless gloves. Wah!

. said...

What. a SUPER AWESOME skirt. TOTALLY jealous I don't own it :) You look adorable!!

Tiffany said...

I love the color and length of your skirt! So cute.
I have a pair of black boots that won't give up. The soles are worn down and they're loosing their support, but I love them too much to put them away.