Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homeward Bound

I am Indiana bound!  I can't wait to spend Christmas with my family.  My family has grown this year, because my sister just got engaged!  Her new fiance will be with us on Christmas.  She told me that she forces him to read this blog with here, so "Welcome to the family Matt!" It will be a great day!  This is my casual traveler attire.  Not too interesting, but in the interest of daily style posting, here it is!
Sweater: Old Navy
Cami: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Gap
Boots: American Eagle
Coat: Thrifted

 I'm off!  I've got a flight to catch!

UPDATE: I'm at the airport with two hours to kill.  I thought lines would be long, but I breezed right though!  Joy from Southern Comfort asked me to answer the following questions (thanks Joy!) so now is the perfect opportunity

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was younger, I really wanted to be on Broadway.  I love singing, and I'm pretty decent at it, but I'm an awful actor.  I suck big time.  That dream went out the window, and now I'm happy being a therapist/ style blogger!

2.  Favorite childhood game?
I love playing LIFE with my family.  All games are fun, but I always loved LIFE!

3.  Most favorite birthday?
 My 22nd birthday was great.  my best friend organized a surprise birthday dinner and then we all went out afterward.  It was great to be with all my girlfriends.  I think my 25th birthday (in just a few weeks!) will be awesome as well.  I'm going up to Canada with some girlfriends to have a great time!

4.  Something you have always wanted to do and haven't yet?
Go on a family vacation where all my siblings and their partners come too.  Everyone is so busy that it is hard to get everyone together.  I would love to go on a vacation with everyone.  i have the best family and love spending time with everyone :0)

5.  What was your first love? 
Do clothes count? No?  Okay, my dog Brandy.  I had fake marriage ceremonies with her, slept with her in my bed, and snuck her upstairs when my parents weren't looking so we could play together.  She was a dalmatian and she was gorgeous.  I had her all while growing up until I was 16 and she got old.

6.  First musical idol?
  I swear I came out of the womb a Mariah Carey fan.  I always loved her voice, and I still do.

7.  Favorite gift?
My parents bought me my car, and that was pretty huge.  An ex once bought me a subscription to a trashy tabloid magazine and it was awesome.  It was a gift that kept on giving!

8.  If a theme song played everywhere I went what would it be?
The Wonder Woman theme of course!

9.  Favorite city to visit?
Memphis all the way.  Every summer my Dad and sister and I go to Memphis.  We stay at the Peabody and have a great night out on Beale.  It is the perfect trip, and I have such great memories every time I go.


Ashley J said...

Love that thrifted coat Kinsey!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally chic airport wear! Love it :-)

Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

wow, I love the power of that colour!!! It exalt your smile darling!!!
Come to discover my x-mas giveaway, I'm sure you'll love it!

Beth Ellen said...

I love that coat! What a gorgeous color, and it goes great with your hair. Are you ready to head back to snow?

Andie said...

safe travels!

and if you like Memphis, then you will totally New Orleans! You should come visit. ;)

wishful nals said...

i love your coat! enjoy the holidays, pretty lady! xx


Aw I "LOVE" that sweater (sorry it just happened). I want to borrow it :D Hope you have a great time at home!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home and Happy Holidays.

ps. Great traveling outfit because I will be wearing

Linda said...

What a fun tradition to have with your dad. I hope you have safe travels and fun at home!

The Auspicious Life

Joy said...

I love that coat! Hope you have a great trip home and a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for answering the questions. I love reading everyone's answers!!

Frances Joy said...

That coat is a million levels of fabulous. And I just love the story about the dog - too cute!

Matt said...

I love the color of that coat!! Your travel outfit is cute! Great boots! And I really enjoyed reading the answers to those questions! Its always neat to learn more about other bloggers! I hope you have safe travels and a happy holiday! :)

DaniellaBella said...

The coat is amazing! Happy Christmas with the fam!

Sands said...

Your hair looks AMAZING with that turquoise jacket!


Fashion Therapist said...

I loved reading your answers, but the thing I think is so interesting that I didn't know is that you're a midwest girl. It's like you and I swapped places. I'm from Seattle but live in Chicago now...and you are the opposite (kind of). :)

Merry Christmas!

Recycling jewelery girl said...

congratz to your sister! I love your boots!

Lydia Marie said...

I was thisclose to buying that sweater last time I was in Old Navy, it's really cute! And LIFE is one of my favorite board games too, me and my brother used to always play it when we were little.

Mimi said...

Love the outfit, although casual its still shows you have style;)
Your first love sounds just like how I feel about my dog...except not with the fake wedding ceremonies. I just love him to pieces!
PS Memphis is a fun city, I totally agree...although my fave is still nyc!

Raquel said...

I love your colourful coat. And it was nice to read this about you :)

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love your coat!!! the colour is so gorgeous and the story about your dog was so adorable!!

Charmalade said...

Yayyy Indiana for its snow and coldness. Actually, I thought tonight wasn't too bad, but it was only 24 F, so... haha. And no way, I sorta had a pipe dream where I would sing on Broadway, but I don't think my voice is suited for that kinda thing. Nor do I know how to act, so that might be it, too.

And on a random sidenote-- I was looking through your blog and I saw that you had a Purdue jacket. No way! It's a bit ironic I don't own one, haha. :) Merry Christmas!

Toast with Charmalade

Jilliebeanie said...

I love that sweater...saw the 'Peace' ones at Old Navy and passed, but that might not have been the case if I'd seen the 'Love' kind. Not that I have anything against Peace...I just like Love better... :)

Never been to Memphis, but I think I should someday...