Thursday, April 21, 2011

Black and White

I got this skirt months ago and this is the first time I've worn it.  I literally cut the tags off this morning.  Sometimes when I buy a new item I want to wear it the very next day, and other times I wait weeks, months (even years...) before I break it out.  This skirt is lovely, I just forgot it existed until today!
Top: Limited
Skirt: Merona
Shoes: Steve Madden

It's a pretty simple outfit, but sometimes those are the best ones.  Not overloaded with accessories or color blocking.  Just sweet and simple.  Do you ever feature very simple outfits on your blog?


Linley said...

i'm so used to seeing you in colors, but this black and white look is definitely a great one! it's simple and makes your hair pop! love the polka dots and black trim!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I just featured a white v-neck and jeans. And then admitted I wore it two days in a row. Hehe.

I think your outfit is simple color-wise but really sophisticated and chic.


Jess said...

I love this outfit! Polka dots and ruffles - you can't go wrong!

Allison said...

That's a great skirt! Those shoes really add to the retro vibe of the outfit. My outfits are almost always simple on my blog haha.

Kaelyn Choo said...

Love your outfit. It's cute and sweet. I am the kind of person who is not eager to wear new stuff the very next day - strange. Just like you said - waited for weeks, months or perhaps forgotten about it until I dig my wardrobe a year later... I feature simple outfits on my blog. I am quite a minimalist :-)

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that skirt!!! I just went to the Target website to look for it but it's sold out, wah! :(

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Tiffany said...

I do that same thing- I have two perfectly nice dresses with tags on them in my closet, I look at them every day but it's never the right time to debut them.
I love this outfit- the little ruffle neckline detail on the blouse makes a great statement and a polka dot pencil skirt is a must-have item for the stylish girl.

Tiffany said...

Looking good! I love a good black and white ensemble. I bought the same skirt about a month ago and I've been waiting for the right moment too... or should I say weighting? About 5-10lbs more and I'll bust it out of the closet.

Christine said...

Just found your blog! Did I read that you are in the Indy area?! I am TOO! This is way more exciting to me than it should be, but I can't wait to see what you'll wear next!

I love your outfit. There is something very 50s or 60s about it that is so much fun!

Vivi N. said...

I feature simple outfits ALL THE TIME. lololol. That's just kinda my aesthetic. Simple, chic...even casual!...outfits. Also, I also buy items and find myself not wearing it until a couple months later. Weird.

Nice outfit.

Mimi said...

Yes! Simple doesn't mean not awesome! Love the skirt, and your pose in the second picture;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Monica and Whitney said...

Oh, Kinsey. I am green with envy right now. I was eying that skirt at Target for months waiting for it to come on clearance. And then it did. And they didn't have my size. I checked every Target in town. It is the biggest mistake of my life, to this day.

Ask the Duplex

Anja said...

It's an adorable outfit and I am glad you re-discovered dis skirt! so cute on you! I also sometimes ask myself if my outfits are so simple, are they worth putting them on the blog - YES they are! Look at your cute outfit and you got the answer as well. It's just perfect!!!