Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Lovin'

Some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers are the ones that introduce me to new bloggers.  I love getting to "know" new faces and their unique perspective on style and fashion.  Here are just a few of the bloggers that I really love and enjoy checking up on!

Liz from 26 and Counting
Liz always looks super cute, and is the epitome of classic business casual with style.  Her bold color combinations, cute scarves, and sweet smile always keep me checking up on her blog.  I feel like we have very similar tastes, as evidenced by the fact I own that Limited skirt!  Plus, we're facebook friends which makes everything official.

Nancy from Pigglywinks
Nancy has such a cute casual style.  She always looks on point, and helps me figure out how to make casual wear chic since I'm not a big jeans kind of girl.  She is always very generous; I've won one of her giveaways before and had such a good time trying all the new products she sent me!

I cannot express how much I am in love with this girl and her clothes!  She never misses.  Like, literally, never looks bad.  She can make everything from Beatles tee shirts to cat sweaters look chic.  She always twirls a lot in her pictures... I don't know, I just love the twirl!  If you haven't found her page, I am sure you will add it to your favorites immediately.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.  To start, she is just to freaking cute that I love checking out her blog.  I have a case of jealousies with her over those eyebrows of hers.  Mine are basically invisible so I am definitely envious.  She just always looks amazing and feminine.  She rocks the dresses and skirts like no one else.  You'll pretty much love her once you check her out!

There isn't much to say except this chick nails it.  I'm a big fan of color, and I can't even remember the last time I saw her sport a black or dark outfit.  She always sports unexpected color combinations that make me want to push myself.   If I could only raid her closet... too bad you live so far away now that I've moved to Indiana!

Lisa from The Blonde Blogette
Okay, so she's not a style blogger, but I read her blog all the time.  During the Bachelor, I was glued to her recaps because they were hilarious.  She is about all things pop culture, and I fancy her to be my own personal Tina Fey. 

This is by no means all of my favorites.  I just wanted to give a little shout out to the bloggers that always keep me coming back for more!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?  I'm always on the look out for a new obsession :0)

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Liz said...

Hey friend thank you TONS for the feature! Looks like I have a few new blogs to check out too :)

The Suburb Experiment said...

These are one of my favorite kinds of posts, too. There's so many fashion blogs out there, it's fun to find ones that I may have overlooked.

xo, Kimberly said...

Aww!!! I love Liz so much, too! Her style is so much fun, but also very professional. I do agree that the two of you have similar taste in clothes!

I'm going to check out The Styling Dutchman RIGHT NOW- she looks extra fun!!!

Ariana said...

thanks for the links! I've been a follower of Liz's for a while, but now I'm in love with sarah from i wear it on my sleeve! She's too cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to check 'em out!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Tara @ Haute Lunch said...

Hi there! I just found you via this the fashion bloggers map! I'm originally from Indiana, but am up in Chicago now! Thanks for sharing these other great blogs! I love making new blogger friends and look forward to reading more of your posts! Keep up the great work, and feel free to stop by and visit me as well!

-Tara @ Haute Lunch

Lisa said...

Your own personal Tina Fey?! Maybe the best compliment I've ever received. Thanks so much for the mention! The blog love is mutual!!!