Saturday, April 30, 2011


I love me some sun.  I love sun when I'm out for a jog.  I love sun when I'm out on the boat with family.  I love the sun when I'm on my porch reading a good book.  I don't, however, love the sun when I'm trying to take my IKC pictures.  Crazy shadows, harsh lighting, and squinty eyes are no bueno.  Good thing I can rock my signature pose and avoid looking into the sun.
Ginham shirt: Mossimo
Top: Chicos
Skirt: LOFT
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Collection
Belt: Old Navy

I had an audience of one when I was taking these pictures.  A creepy man from my apartment complex watched me take every. single. shot.  I even did the "oh I'm just taking pictures of this brick wall, don't mind me!" move, but he stayed there and just watched like a creeper.  I'm a pro so I stuck it out even though I wanted to run away.  Next time that happens, I'm going to flip my camera around and start taking pictures of the creeper. Then we'll see how fast he moves...


From Suns To Moons said...

What is it with people unabashedly staring? I don't get it. It's even worse when you've tripped and fallen, or dropped something, or whatnot - people will just gather and stare like you're putting on a show!
P.S.: You look lovely.

Tiffany said...

Gah, I had a lady stand right down the street staring me down when I took pictures today too. People must be so curious and confused looking at overdressed girls posing over and over in front of non-descript walls/empty streets. Good for you for sticking it out!
Also, this is a color combination that's very dear to me and you pull it off expertly. PS- sending you a package on Monday :)

Laura said...

I LOVE these colors on you. BUT, I have a hair related question:
How do you get your perfect waves? I'm trying to embrace my natural texture, and, well, I look like a cocker spaniel. You look gorgeous. Help a sista out?

Viktoria said...

My favorite look of yours! Love the plaid under the sweater and the colors are awesome!!

. said...

I HAVE TOTALLY DONE THAT when some dude would not stop standing there staring. He moved right along as soon as I turned my tripod around in his direction but MAN, those situations are uncomfortable! You certainly are a pro, navigating sunshine and creepers like a superstar and looking mighty fine in the process..

Angeline said... are really good at posing like no one's watching. I would have chickened out fast.

That said, this outfit is gorgeous! I love the colors and prints on good ol' classic standbys. I often think of the oxford-under-sweater as more of a masculine one, but you really owned it for us gals here.