Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There's a Snake in My Boot!

One of my favorite combinations for Spring an Summer is shorts and boots.  Whenever I wear them, my dad always makes a comment because he can't understand why someone would wear shorts and boots.  "It's two different seasons you're dressing for Kinz!"  I still like it, and it is one of my staples this time of year.  
Top: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Gap
Scarf: Chico's
Belt: Charlotte Ronson
Boots: Merona
Necklace: Picked up in a Turkish bazarre

Today at work was pretty stressful, so it was nice to just come home and change into some casual clothes and take a walk by the water.  How do you cope with stressful days at work?


Jessica said...

Either a nice hard workout or some mindless reality tv! That really does it for me! :) Hope you have a relaxing night and a better day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I hate running, which is probably why it works so well to quell my stress. Great necklace!

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xo, Kimberly said...

I drink WINE, girl! Didn't you see my big, tall glass of red in my tweet? LOL.

Love that snake necklace. It's absolutely stunning and so unique. And I love your dad weighing in on your sartorial choices. Adorable.

Vivi N. said...

That is such an unique necklace. Very nice. I usually unwind by playing music, surfing the web and watching my beloved TV shows. Usually a glass of wine to accompany me.

Martina Lynne :: The Life Academic said...

I think a walk after work is crucial. I'm practically giddy at the moment because the rains have paused here in Oregon and I got to take a looong bike ride around the river after work yesterday. So rejuvenating!

Unknown said...

The title of this post cracked me up! When I get stressed I love to come home and do absolutely. nothing. It's the best.

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Jen HaHA said...

Title makes me think of Toy Story 2. Belted scarves are awesome!
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myedit said...

Haha... if I listened to every side comment from the family (including in laws), I would be wearing jeans and hoodies for life.

Nuha said...

I love the mix of shorts + boots. It's always reminds me of the south :)

Lola Flash said...

The necklace is precious! I want one!!!!!!!

I discovered your blog today and I have to say that my favourite outfit by far is the one with the green top from Macy's you looks amazing.



Monica and Whitney said...

I cope with difficult days at work by looking at YOUR blog! (I'm currently at work averting my computer screen from passer-bys)