Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

This year, I'm kinda bummed because instead of getting to spend Sunday with the World's Number One Best Dad (it's official guys, for real), he'll be soaking up some sun and enjoying Las Vegas!  I love my dad, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for his positive example.  I followed in his footsteps to become a therapist, but I also inherited his weird sense of humor, generosity, and fun-loving attitude.  I guess being a dad to five happy and productive kids means you did something right Dad!  I wanted to share a little glimpse into my life with my main man Dennis the Menace (aka Dad)!

On Beale in Memphis 2009

San Antonio, TX 2009

My sister Rachie and us at the Peabody Hotel

Hiking Mt. Rainier

Atlanta 2010

All my sisters with Dad on Memorial Day 2011

With my neice BK in our backyard 2009

I've been so lucky to have a good man like my dad in my life these past 25 years.  I love him a lot and I'm so glad that I get to see him more often now that I've made the move back to my home state of Indiana.  However, I haven't always had the best boys in my life.  Sarah from Wearing It on My Sleeves did a great tribute to crappy exs  (seriously people, read the comments!) and it got me thinking:  I've had a few duds in my past...

Dear Frito Lay: All of your cool gadgets and expensive cars/TVs/electronics didn't make up for the fact that you were totally boring (and had hideous calf tattoos...)

Dear Mr.Cocky:  You didn't want a girlfriend when I met you, but as soon as I got a new boyfriend you wouldn't stop calling me.  I don't think your girlfriend now would appreciate that...

Dear High School: You were super cute, but I'm glad I moved on because I'm not sure that you're doing anything with your life right now.  Moving on!

Dear Turkish Delight: Always had a good time with you, but I never felt good about myself with you so splitting was best for both of us!  Sorry about the iPod dock, totally took it as a parting gift!

Dear Frenchman: I love you :0)  I am happier each day I am with you.  It makes me laugh when people think you're a redhead because I know how mad it makes you ("We're a rare breed!"). I am so lucky to know you.

So what about you?  Dish about the great (and no-so-great) guys in your life!


Jessica said...

Wow, this post kinda got me choked up! Your dad is such a sweetie. I am so glad you are loving Indy & obviously have a lot of happy things going for you down there! :) xoxo

Flashes of Style said...

Aww so cute!! Lovely pictures <3



Mimi said...

Awe! Your family is adorable! So many sisters! Oh, yes, lots of duds for dudes out the names you came up with for yours! I had a "Mr. Egg Whites" for a while-all he would eat were those and he loved his body more than any womans body. Oh and a "Mr. Same pair of Denim Shorts" in highschool, I dont think he wore anything else!!! Now I'm with "Mr. Wonderful"-no explanation required;)

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