Saturday, July 16, 2011

Four Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that your favorite scarves have to be kept tucked away in your scarf drawer (not that I have a drawer dedicated entirely to scarves or anything...).  My wool and knit scarves can hang out until at least November, but a lightweight silk or cashmere scarf can be worn all year round.  I love throwing a scarf over a casual summer dress (this one is my favorite Rebecca Taylor frock) to freshen up the sundress/heels combo I usually rock in the warmer months.  It also helps to keep me warm when I get chilly in the air conditioning and is a nice alternative to a tired cardigan.  I've picked my four favorite ways to rock a summer scarf.



So what about you?  Do you wear summer scarves or keep them for the colder months?


J.J. said...

I don't have a summer scarf! I keep seeing them in the stores and I want to grab one or five of them because I don't have but a few items of clothing with prints on them - just single-colored tops and bottoms - and I think a printed scarf could be such an easy, pretty way to add some color and texture to so many of my outfits. I might just stop on my way home from work today and grab a couple I've been eyeing! I love seeing it on your head too :) I chopped off all my hair so I am afraid if I wore one on my head like that, I would look like a cancer patient, but I'm gonna try the other ways. Thanks Kinsey! Great ideas!

'Tia said...

I don't really wear scarves at all but I've been seeing them worn in so many awesome ways I'm thinking about getting a couple...

The Suburb Experiment said...

I have a lot of scarves but I'm pretty terrible about using them. I like seeing inspiration like this! I'm going to work one into my outfit today. (That's right, I'm not dressed yet. Hee hee).

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Aubrey said...

I am still wary of the scarf on myself. Looks great on everyone else but I haven't gotten into it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!