Friday, August 5, 2011


Today's post is a bit wordy, but bear with me please.

Hey everyone!  TGIF, am I right?  Today I wanted to share something kind of personal with all of you.  It's not my usual OOTD post, but I feel the need...

I was browsing my IKC email, and found an email from my wonderful hairstylist from back when I lived in Seattle.  For any of my Seattle peeps, her name is Jamie and her phone number is (206) 284-7541.  Call her, you will LOVE her. I told her about the blog a few times, and she recently found it and emailed me.  Sometimes people have an impact on your life and don't ever really realize it. 

Now, maybe you're thinking she's trying to tell me her hair stylist had an impact on her life? puh-leeze! but Jamie did.  She is the one who encouraged me to try red, and I was never really ballsy enough to leave my safe brunette and blonde world.  That is until I had an appointment with her the morning after a devestatingly bad break up.  I never really addressed it on the blog, but several months ago my relationship with my ex ended in a bad way. In those few hours post-split my world was really spinning.  Breaking up meant a huge life change for me.  A huge move across country, quitting my job, leaving behind my friends and the city I had known as home for three years.  I couldn't call anyone to tell them what had happened (it was 8AM on a Saturday morning).  I didn't want to get out of bed to schlep over to a hair appointment, but somehow I did.  I threw on my cutest outfit, washed my puffy face, and made my way over to see Jamie. 

When she asked "the usual?" I told her I was finally ready to go red.  I needed something to mark the end of a bad time in my life and the beginning of great things.  I remember freaking out the entire time, but knowing that Jamie would make me look great.  I told her what happened, cried a few times, and she kept reassuring me that things would be okay and I would turn out alright.  I was putting on a brave face, and I think she knew, but she just sat with me and told me I looked gorgeous (we all need that after a break up, am I right?)

I think about her a lot and I often wondered if she ever realized that she got me out of bed on the hardest morning of my life.  She made me get dressed when all I wanted to do was lay in my pajamas and cry.  She made me feel beautiful when the effects of a shitty relationship made me feel ugly.  She made me me again, and I haven't stopped being me since.

Her email just got me thinking about the ability we have to impact someone's life in a major way just by being supportive and being there.  She didn't go above or beyond that day.  She didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  Jamie just sat with me and did her job and made me feel wonderful.  I hope now she knows that she made a difference in my life (and my hair) just by caring. 

These pictures were taken the day I went red with Jamie.  I haven't gone back since!
Thank you Jamie! (And people, seriously, if you live in Seattle CALL HER!  She is funny, great to talk to, and made my hair look like a million bucks on my poor little grad student budget!)  (206) 284-7541

So what about you?  Has anyone ever changed your life or helped you through without realizing how much they impacted you?


Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

What a lovely post! I think that it's a shame that all too often we don't tell people how important they are. Glad your life is better than ever now!!

Ariana said...

I agree with Danielle! And glad everything is looking up, you're fabulous and you deserve someone great! (and your hair is gorgeous too :) )

The Suburb Experiment said...

I teared up a bit reading this. I didn't realize that a break-up was the catalyst for all the change - it must have been terrible at the time but you seem to be doing really well now! Red hair suits you so well, Jamie definitely knew what she was talking about. :)


Anonymous said...

Seriously such a great post! Jamie if you are reading this, kudos for being an awesome hair stylist and human being! There's not a more vulnerable time in our lives than immediately after a bad break up! One minute things seem to be better and the next something will trigger a memory and your in tears! It's amazing how urgently we crave a physical change to symbolize a new start. Jamie did a great job with your hair and it sounds like she was such a sweetheart to boot! It's kind of funny because since my break up I've already changed my hair twice, wish I had Jamie to go to!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair