Monday, August 1, 2011

Swap Day 5: Mary's Skirt

 Today is the last day of my blogger swap with Mary from babble + bloom.  I have really enjoyed this swap.  I love the idea of getting new clothes for a week, all for the price of UPS shipping.  I enjoy when I received swap items that I love and would purchase for myself, but I also like the challenge of styling something that I wouldn't have thought to purchase for myself.  This skirt for example.  It is cute, but I probably would have walked right by it and headed straight for my beloved pencil skirts.  I love swaps because they challenge you to step outside your comfort zone (to a flowy cotton skirt, perhaps?) a bit.
Here's how Mary styled her skirt...
...and how I styled it
 Button down: Banana Republic
Cami: Victoria's Secret
Skirt: Mary's
Belt: I heart Ronson
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Collection

Thank you for a wonderful swap Mary!  
Hey everyone, don't forget to see how Mary has been styling my items this past week!


J.J. said...

I love the way you have styled it up higher on your waist, and with your top knotted like that. It looks so fresh and summery. I have a hard time wearing white, and I think a lot of girls over size 8 are kind of taught to be afraid of it. You show it can look spectacular! ...I might wait til I have a nice tan like yours though :) I think styling someone else's clothes has got to make you kind of step out of your comfort zone a little. I know you tend to wear pencil skirts (as I do), but you made this look really darling!

Unknown said...

I am with Esther I am a chubs weary of white maybe in 15 pounds I will good to do it

Liz said...

I really like how you styled this skirt! The knotted white shirt was an excellent touch!