Friday, October 14, 2011

Animal Farm

This sweater is one I score this weekend on my thrifting trip.  Why anyone would want to give away an oversized wool sweater with animals all over it (and slightly smelling of marijuana) is beyond me.  Washed away is the smell of pot and now taking up residence in my closet is my new favorite sweater for fall.  It is so warm and cozy, and I can't wait to sit by a fire in it.   Maybe I'll even curl up with a good tabloid magazine book.  Who knows, I might even have my old copy of Animal Farm from high school.  Four legs good, two legs bad...
Sweater: thrifted
Tank: American Eagle
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Steve Madden
I've looked at this sweater a lot the past couple of days trying to figure out all the animals it has on it.  Owls, snakes, spiders, birds, humans, turtles, cats, dogs... It's like a little Noah's Arc.  

Would you rock a literal animal print?


A Very Sweet Blog said...

LOL Kinsey! It smelled like pot! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't girl. My boobies are too big. I would look BIGGER! I have to be careful with animal prints, besides ANIMALS. It does look comfy though.:D Have a great weekend girl! ((HUG))

The Suburb Experiment said...

Oh my GOSH. That is AWESOME. I would rock that in a heartbeat.


Frances Joy said...

That is fantastic and the fact that it smelled slightly of pot makes it almost more fantastic.

Project Curve said...

smell of pot?haha
it looks comfy..i was never a fan of animal prints but i remember owning a sweater as a kid with a robot on it and i so loved it!

kitty said...

omg! i must have that sweater!! SO. COOL. it hurts. wow.