Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Halloween: Crazy Cat Lady

I love Halloween.  My favorite part of the season is seeing the creativity people put into their costumes.  I know it's super easy to go as "Sexy Stewardess" or "Sexy Cop" and if that's your prerogative, it's fine with me.  Not much creativity involved, but definitely easy and cute.  Personally, I like homemade costumes the best.  I already shared with you a great group costume idea, but for the actual day I went solo.  So this year, I decided to make my own sexy costume (emphasis on the sexy) for Halloween.  Enter: THE CRAZY CAT LADY!

Sweatshirt: thrifted
Elastic waist Mom jeans: Walmart
Glasses: costume shop

This costume was pretty simple to throw together.  I had the sweatshirt in my closet already because I saw it last winter and new I'd probably need it at some point in the future.  The wonderful mom jeans, tucked into my socks of course, are what really make this costume sexy.  The night before I wore this, I laid it out and sprinkled a little catnip on it so my two cats would roll around on it and get it hairy.  I brushed out my hair upside down while hairspraying it to get this lovely 'do. It was the finishing touch! 
For a little something extra, I enlisted my two best gal pals to dress and kitties.  What crazy cat lady is complete without her own little entourage of felines?



Mimi said...

Haha! love the mom jeans! Such a great idea, and all of us know at least one of these in real life!!! Happy Halloween to you too Kinsey!

Aesthetic Lounge

Megan said...

YES! This is fantastic, I love it. So clever, and I also hate the slutty costumes. So stupid.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

You GO crazy cat lady! This was an awesome idea. I love your creativity Kinsey. It's always so fun and unique. I can appreciate that. ((HUG))

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Haha, this is amazing! Totally love it.

Ace said...

Nice work!! I am also a fan of making creative use of the brain cells and not just succumbing to the sexy store-bought costumes. I, for one, am doing nothing for Halloween, but if I were, I could put together a bad-ass Zorro costume impromptu from things I already own :) Have fun!

Christine said...

I love your costume!! so creative and funny!

I'll get my pics posted up later today. I was/am Ms Frizzle this year! (homemade of course)

Beth Ellen said...

I love it! As a young crazy cat lady, I love that you're showing off my future!

Kimberly said...

Love it! What a creative idea!