Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Olive Branch

This is one of those looked-better-in-my-head-than-in-the-pictures outfits.  Do you ever have those?  You think you look fab and realize you look pretty weird once the pictures turn out?  I regret not belting or tucking in this top, because it is just too flowy for my tastes.  It kept getting caught in the wind and billowing out, which trust me is not a good look.  I asked my boyfriend if this top made me look pregnant when the wind got it (trap!), but being a smart boyfriend he said "Uhhhhh, it's flowy!"  Paired with these olive cargo pants I've only worn once since buying them two years ago, this outfit is perfectly regrettable.
Top: Merona
Pants: LOFT
Shoes: Mossimo
Necklace: c/o Stella & Dot

Have you ever worn an outfit that seemed great in your head but horrible in execution?

PS, check back the rest of the week for your chance to win your own gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace!


C Lo said...

I really like the shirt but I think you're right....it needs *something*. On the plus sign, it makes the ladies look great, so there's that. ;)

Jessica said...

oh i do that more often than not. but practice makes perfect, right?

i like the colors here a lot - and the crops look great on your legs. but you're right, it needs something... maybe a blazer for an added layer? that might work better with the top than a belt... (?)

Surely Sonsy

The Suburb Experiment said...

That pretty much happens all the time to me. It's happening less the longer I blog though, taking pictures of myself (as ridiculous as it feels) has def helped me figure out what's flattering. But not always. Hee.

There's something about the pants that don't seem very *you*. I could be totally wrong though.


Unknown said...

I do that all the time..i often visualize my outfits the night before to put them together in my head!

K said...

I don't think this outfit is that bad at all, but I totally know what you mean. There have been too many times where I walked around thinking I was hot shit and then saw a pic and was like oh my...don't ever let me wear that again hahaha Live and learn. The good news is, no matter what you are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I had that moment yesterday! I went to take outfit pictures and after was like EWWWWWW WTH!
Thats one of the perks I think of taking pictures of your outfit, you really get to see "if it works".

'Tia said...

I have those days myself. But the good thing about these days is I learn a lot about what suits me and what doesn't and having started making sure my closet is only stocked with the good, no matter what the current trends may be.


Jodi said...

Kinsey girl.. its been awhile.. I havent been cruising around visiting for quite some time!! your hair looks really awesome!!

and for the outfit.. yes, I do that all the time.. its hit and miss, sometimes I get a totally hot outfit and that makes all the mishaps worth it!! personally I would belt that blouse.. the color is great on you at any rate!! xoxo J

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It happens all the time to me Kinsey! I snap the pick and say WTF? LOL Plus I'm a big and tall girl, so I have to watch cuts, colors and patterns.

TheDollsFactory said...

Love the shirt darling
dots are a trend this year

Always following
The Dolls Factory