Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration Board

Here are some the of the bloggers that are inspiring me this week

E from District of Chic is inspiring me to pull out my tee shirts and find a way to incorporate them into sophisticaed looks.  I have tons of tees that I get thinking I'll wear them, but they end up dormant in my dresser drawers because I prefer feminie and sophisticated look to jeans and tees.  I better pull them out and figure out ways I can make them fun and feminine!
 Jentine from my edit is inspiring me to style up one of my oversized blazers for fall.  They are such a chic substitute for the sweaters and cardigans I usually go to.  She looks beautiful and stylish.  She always does a great job of putting a twist on classics.
 Sorren from classic noise is inspiring me to try out an edgier look this fall.  I am a sucker for ruffles, pencil skirts, and a romantic color pallet, but now I'm rethinking my ways.  This look is gorgeous and has an edge that I rarely bring to my outfits.  Love.
 Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons is inspiring me to bring the spring all year long.  As much as I love the fall colors and the richness they provide in my wardrobe, I am loving all things light and bright.  She looks adorable in this look!
 Dotty from dash dot dotty is inspiring me to break out printed scarves.  I have a few tucked in my closet, but I tend to favor solid colored ones that add a pop of color to my outfit.  I'm loving how she mixed prints her with her beautiful scarf.

Who is inspiring you this week?


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I always love a good doe of new blogs to discover! thank you ^^ My inspirations are Veronika from Girl&Closet and Kate from o-my-heart. Yes, and tons of others too! x

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I will have to check out these bloggers, because they have inspired ME! I love that you do this! Wonderful recognition!!! :D

sis said...

Thank you so much for the shout out!!! I really attempt to add a little edge to my outfits so I'm glad it's working!