Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas

With Black Friday just around the corner (anyone who knows me knows I don't tend to acknowledge Thanksgiving because it stands in the way of me and my Christmas!), it's time to start checking off our Christmas gift lifts.  If you're like me, your budget for gifts is pretty teeny tiny.  I have had my eye on a few of these gifts for a while, and I wanted to share some ideas for inexpensive holiday gifts.

For your iPhone obsessed boyfriend/husband/father
StickyGrams $14.99 for 9 magnents

Have you heard of StickyGram?  No, then get to know them.  They take your favorite instagrams and make them into magnents (!!!).  My boyfriend whips out his phone almost every day to take a picture of something (his coffe and salads come to mind) using his iPhone.  Having magnets made from his favorite photos would be a great way to keep memories and hold up all my sweet business cards on the fridge. 

For your quirky best friend
Ice Age Tray $9.99
I happen to love dinosaurs.  I love them in movies, I love them on my mac&cheese box, I love them on little boys' tee shirts, and now I can love them in my drink.  This ice cube tray is super cute, a unique gift for anyone who has the Jurassic Park trilogy on constant repeat (ahem, who?) and not to mention super affordable.  10 bucks?  I spend more than that to dry clean a winter coat!

For your little sister

This hat is for your giftees who want to look like walking buttons from birds eye view.  I can picture my sister wearing this (a bit outside of her fashion comfort zone) and looking adorable.  Hats are such a great way to keep warm and cute this winter, and a fashionable alternative to all the 180s that I see this time of year.

For your "green" boss

Since the temperatures have dropped, I have noticed a lot more Starbucks red cups in the garbage can at work.  Sure, the cups signal that he holidays are here, but they aren't super practical.  Gift on of these reusable cups, and the receiver can take it into their favorite coffee shop and go green while warming up with their favorite peppermint mocah.  Bonus, they are sold in sets of two, so snag one for yourself!

What is the must-have gift for you this season?


'Tia said...

Great gift ideas!!! I have put in my list with the hubby for a name necklace and a large bottle of J'adore perfume.


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Macarena said...

Cool ideas! XoXo