Monday, November 14, 2011


This outfit is thouroughly tested and man-unapproved.  I pulled this top the other day and was looking for a skirt to pair with it.  As I was standing there in front of my closet, my eyes kept coming back to this skirt.  My boyfriend was observing me do this and saw the wheels turning and asked "You want to pair that skirt with that top?" He said this in the tone of voice one might say "You want to throw that bag of kittens into that river?"  I tried to tell him about pattern mixing and coordinating color palettes, but all he could do was think about how badly everything would clash.  He won that round.  I put the clothes back and just went with something "safe".  This morning, however, he wasn't around for my little what-to-wear-today spiel, so I went for it.
Top: h&m
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: xhiliration
Bag: Turkish bazaar
Necklace: boyfriend's class ring on an old gold chain

Have you ever worn anything your partner totally scoffed at?


Laura said...

I like it. And, it works -- the prints are different in scale and the colors compliment. Boys, ugh!

Suite Life said...

Totally, I'm not trying to bore him to death. We have to get them something to complain about. I love the outfit. Way to mix it up.

Megan said...

LOVE the print on your skirt - so cute!

Melissa said...

hahahaha I can't stop laughing after reading the bag of kittens in the river comment. My boyfriend has used a similar tone in the past when referring to my outfit choices haha.

I think the stripes go really well with that skirt!


'Tia said...

That is one of my favorite skirts of yours!!!

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Kimberly said...

I love the bold pattern mix!!

dotty said...

i've been thinking lately that stripes might be some sort of pattern neutral, so you can mix them with any other pattern! and this is totally proof!

dash dot dotty

Frannie Pantz said...

Glad you opted to go for it! This is a great look Kinsey! And yes, my mans has oft scoft at what I wear, but he knows that he just doesn't "get" fashion and we leave it at that. It works out.

Annie said...

Well, I love it...what does he know, right? Stripes go with anything!At least that's my theory :)

The Other Side of Gray

E said...

My husband is legitimately confused by lots of the things I wear. Fear not! I think it looks great and I love the vibrant colors!

AnĂ½ said...

beutiful photos :))

nemo said...

Love that dress, so pretty xx