Monday, February 20, 2012

In Kinsey's Vacation

Hi everyone!  I know, I know, it's been well over a month since I last posted!  A move, a vacation, and (to be honest) my laziness have all contributed to my lack of posts.  I am back in the states, and happy to be back to In Kinsey's Closet.  Wanna know where I was?

I was in the Caribbean on an anniversary cruise with my honey!  We sailed around Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and had an absolute blast.  However, there were so many times where I almost broke down and cried, because I wondered if we would even make it to the port in Miami!  It was an ordeal just getting from Indianapolis to Miami, so by the time we made it we had to have a few (hundred) drinks and relax!  Here's what happened...
1) The night we were flying to Miami, the night before our cruise left port, Chicago had a white-out and kept delaying out flight out of Indy.  We were going to fly to Chi and then on down to Miami, but that looked like it might not happen.  Not only did they keep delaying, and eventually cancel, our flights, there were no other flights that would get us to Miami by the time our ship left port.  Enter my Super Mom!  She knew there might be a problem, so when I first texted her about our delayed flight she was on the phone getting our flights changed.  There was a flight leaving Louisville, KY the next morning at 5:20.  If we left the airport and drove down to KY that night, we would make it to Miami...
2) We get a ride back home from the airport to my place, grab my car and head down to Louisville (a 1.5 hour drive, not too bad).  We need a cheapie place to stay for the night since we would only be there a few hours before out flight left.  The place we ended up staying turned out to be the crystal meth capital of the Midwest, and we were up all night worried about the questionable folks staying in the room next to us.
3) We happily drive away from the Crystal Palace (as my honey called it) at 3:30 AM to make our 5:20 flight.  All is well until BOOM we hit stopped traffic on the interstate.  Not slowed, but STOPPED.  A two mile back up on a Saturday morning at 3:30 AM?  No bueno.  At this point I start to freak out, knowing we won't make our flight.  After aboutr 20 minutes of a mini-freak out on my end, we see we are next to an on-ramp.  We decide to break the law a bit, and exit off the on-ramp and drive through the city to the airport. 
4) We finally make it to the airport at around 4:30 (it should have been a 10 minute trip!) and think we're in the clear.  The final blow came when the man at the ticket counter told us that my ticket was transferred successfully from the night before, but my boyfriend's was NOT.  He had no flight, an no record of a ticket in the system.  They advised us to just buy a ticket on another airline and fly separately to Miami and hope it all worked out.  Luckily, right before I gave up hope of sailing the Caribbean, the man behind the desk pulled some strings and got us first class tickets to Miami leaving on a later flight.

So we made it and had a wonderful week of fun in the sun!

Swimming with sting rays in the Cayman Islands

Relaxing on board

Having anniversary drinks

Zip Lining in Jamaica

Taking a stroll on the windy deck in my favorite Rebecca Taylor dress

Boating in the Cayman Islands

Beautiful blue water off the Cayman Islands

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

On the ship while docked in Jamaica (my most fashionable outfit ever on the blog!)
So please forgive my absence!  Thank you to those Twitter folks who encouraged me to get back to the blog!  I'll see you back here tomorrow!


Melody said...

wow that was a rough start!! Glad everything turned out well & you had a great time!

Ms. Peach Plus said...

Glad you're back! It looks like you had an awesome trip. That's great! :)

Anonymous said...

I was getting worried that you wouldn't come back! You're my favorite blogger - looking forward to seeing your next outfits :)

Frannie Pantz said...

OMGoodness! Thank the Lord for moms! Glad you enjoyed your anniversary and vacation. I am sooooooooooo glad to see you back in action missy!

Viktoria said...

I'm sorry your vacation was rough, but it looks like you had a fabulous time! :) Can't wait to see more posts!!

From Suns To Moons said...

Despite the rough start, it looks like you had a blast! A vacation that's both tropical AND stylish is a feat, I say, and you've done it here.

Ashley J said...

Welcome back Miss Kinsey!!!

Anonymous said...

You are Awesome!!!! Welcome home

Jodi said...

Awesome trip girl!! I love your photos and sounds like it was a little nerve wracking just getting there!! Glad it all worked out and you look like you were completely relaxed and had fun.. Love you little summer dress too!!!

xoox J