Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Kinsey's Proposal

I can honestly say that I did not think I would make another In Kinsey's Closet post again.  I loved working on my blog, but when I realized I didn't have the time or dedication to keep it going the way I needed to, I walked away.  Lately though I have been thinking about getting back into the blogging world.  This weekend I ran into a few women who told me they had read the blog, liked it and hoped I would get back to it someday.  Today is that day!

Knowing that I was thinking of restarting In Kinsey's Closet, my boyfriend Scot crafted the perfect proposal...

Let's start with a little history:  Scot and I have been together for over two and a half years.  The past few years have been the best and happiest of my life.  Scot and I have been talking about marriage for over two years, so when he proposed to me on Labor Day I was estatic.

Scot had casually mentioned helping me take a few outfit photos.  He asked me if I had any place in mind for the pictures, and I immediately told him I'd been thinking of a local arts garden I'd been going to.  He agreed that would be nice, and we planned to go out in the afternoon light to take some outfit shots.  The plan all along was to take the photos, and then head downtown for a dinner with my parents.

We walked around the arts garden looking for the perfect place for pictures.  Scot took my pictures, and then casually mentioned that he'd like me to take a few photos of him since he was wearing his suit.  I was happy to, because I'd been wanting to have a few nice shots of him.
Handsome, right?

After I finished taking his pictures, he set up the tripod so we could take a few photographs together.  We stood together in the beautiful woods smiling, laughing and holding hands.  I was having a wonderful time!  Then, he turned to me and began to tell me how much he loved me.  I replied that I loved him as well.  On the inside I was thinking this is odd timing.  We're kind of in the middle of something, and he's going all sappy on me.

However, as he kept talking, I realized he was doing more than proclaiming his love for me.  He was going to propose!  The second I realized what was happening, he went down on one knee and pulled out a ring box.  I immediately started hyperventilating and crying, but through my tears I saw the most beautiful diamond ring.  He looked at me and said "Kinsey Marie Edwards, will you marry me?"

The best part of the whole thing, was that our camera kept snapping pictures!  All the ugly cries, kisses and even the part where my knees buckeled and he had to help me stand are captured on camera for us.  It was such a beautiful moment, and I had NO idea.  Any girl that is "close to" getting engaged will tell you she suspects when it might happen, but I was way off!  He took me by complete surprise.

After the proposal, we stood together talking about how happy we were.  Then I remembered we were meeting my parents for dinner.  I asked him if they knew about the proposal, and he assured me that it was a surprise.  He had asked for their permission weeks ago, but had not told them when he was going to propose to me.  I was excited at the thought of surprising them with the news at dinner, but I never got the chance because when I walked into the restaurant the people closest to me were all there waiting to celebrate.  He not only orchestated a proposal without me suspecting, but also a surprise engagement party!

Now that I am happily engaged and eager to begin wedding planning, I am hoping to document the process through In Kinsey's Closet.  This has been a wonderful experience, and I'd love to share it with you all.  Thank you!