Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Kinsey's Closet Obsession: Black and White

This is the latest installment of my In Kinsey's Closet Obsession series.  Check out my previous posts in the series: Bold Prints and Playful Patterns, Pink and Purple, Jessica Simpson Collection Shoes and Coach bags.

It's the most classic color combination of all time, yet it never gets boring.  It looks great in any season and for any occasion.  Here are some of my favorite black and white looks.

What is your favorite color combination?

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Frannie Pantz said...

Yay! Nice throwbacks! I love black and white--can't go wrong! I was a little disappointed in the spring though when it was named a "trend" LOL Really? When has it NOT been on trend to wear black and white? Seemed a bit lazy. But these outfits don't! They are chic and very pretty!