Monday, November 24, 2014

One Upper

I wore this recently for a "date day" with my husband.  We kicked off the morning with a super romantic trip... to the vet.  Taking my beloved felines for their annual check ups is the epitome of romance, no?  Afterwards we hit our favorite new spot in town for some BBQ and moonshine cocktails.  I knew we'd be running around all day, and I wanted to look both put together and comfortable.  
When I walked into our kitchen dressed and ready to go, my husband looked me up and down and announced that now he had to change to match my level of "dressiness".  We tend to do this to each other.  We get ready separately (separate bathrooms and closets are pretty sweet sometimes!) and when we get together to leave the house, it always turns out that one of us has "one upped" the other in the style department.  It usually ends with one of us running back to the closet for a quick change before heading out the door. 
Tie neck top: Merona
Sweater: Limited
Belt: Banana Republic
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Tights: Gap
Boots: Blossom
 Bag: Coach

This is one of my favorite skirts.  See how else I have styled it here and here


Frannie Pantz said...

LOL Well that is sweet of him. I think this is the perfect comfy cute outfit for a day date--even if part of that is to go to the vet! I love the scarf!

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