Monday, November 3, 2014

Sick Day

Hiding behind my sunglasses are red and watery eyes complete with oh so cute dark circles.  It has been a rough few days as I battle ebola a cold or allergies.  I had an important appointment, and I didn't think I could get away with showing up in my pajamas and my husband's oversized college sweatshirt. I threw on a super warm cashmere sweater, my favorite old jeans and some comfy flats.

Days like this are tough because even though you're not feeling too hot on the inside, you may need to look presentable.  Whether you have work or an event you don't want to miss, sometimes you just need to fake it til you make it.  This is my "make it work" moment.

 Sweater: My mom's old sweater (no label)
Chambray shirt: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: XOXO
Belt: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Apt 9
Sunglasses: Gifted (no label)

What do you wear on sick days?

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