Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In Scot's Closet

Before I met my husband I never dated a style conscious guy.  I was always the one in dresses and heels and my date usually had on jeans and an oversize button up (it was the way to dress up toward the end of last decade).  It was refreshing for me to meet a man who cared just as much about his style as I did.  No schluppy tees, tennis shoes or baggy dad jeans here! 

So last weekend when we stopped by my hometown to visit my parents, I was happy to grab a few snaps of him looking dapper.  He is always so gracious to help me with my blog photos, so it was fun to turn the tables a bit! He didn't even dress up for this shoot, I just grabbed my camera and turned it on him. 
Peacoat|Banana Republic   Trousers|Banana Republic  Shirt|Gap   Scarf|Banana Republic    Shoes|Nunn Bush  Sunglasses|Ray-Ban  Watch|Tissot

Ugh, he even poses better than me.

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