Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Old Crow

Last Saturday my husband and I went to see our favorite band, Old Crow Medicine Show, in concert in downtown Indy.  We fell in love to their tunes, and even spent our entire honeymoon rocking out to their newest record.  I caught them last time they were in town in 2012, and was excited to see them again.  They put on one heck of a live show.  So when his brother got us tickets as a wedding gift, we were happy to make a night of it.  Going to the concert was the easy part.  Getting dressed was a bit more difficult.

This outfit wins the award for longest time ever being picked out. Seriously, this thing was a beast to put together.  First of all I needed an outfit that looked nice enough for dinner and drinks before the show, but had to be comfortable enough to stand in for several hours.  That nixed any heels or unsupportive shoes.  I knew I wanted to break out my most comfortable (seriously!) boots.  Scot bought me these when we were in Fort Worth, TX last fall.  Despite being ultra comfy, they haven't gotten much wear.  However, my dilemma was creating an outfit that wasn't essentially a costume.  No plaid button downs or cowboy hats here.  It got the husband seal of approval when, without being prompted, he told me he really liked my outfit.  I've trained him well, haven't I?

Blouse | Merona   Pants | Old Navy   Boots | Ariat   Belt | Charlotte Ronson   Bag | Coach

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sinenomine said...

Fantastic true cowboy boots! have you those boots till today? What about pulling off? Greetings:)