Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Dangers of Style Blogging

Sometimes style blogging isn't as glamorous (ha!) as it seems.  The backdrop for these photos is a bar in my neighborhood.  I'd always wanted to snap some pictures here, so last Saturday morning seemed as good a time as any since I was next door grabbing coffee.  Nope.  No no no no no.  What you don't see in these photos is the lovely pile of unwashed vomit about six feet to my left.  Then last week I was taking photos with my tripod and remote when I was approached by a sketchy vehicle.  I tossed my camera in my car and sped away proud of myself for being safety conscious.  While I was passing the car I was "escaping" from I noticed two frisky college kids.  Guess we all just wanted a little privacy!
Blazer: H&M
Top: Express
Pants: Mixit
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Coach

So note to self: Take pictures in well lit areas with lots of people and little to no bodily fluids.  Got it.


Frannie Pantz said...

Aw yes--the "joys" of blog photographing. I have seriously thought of writing a book on all of the mishaps I have had with the general public, crazy weather, location issues and other unfortunate events (forgetting the SD card, for one), etc. It is interesting to say the least. Sorry about the puke, but your outfit is really cute and that is important! LOL Love the blazer over the lace!

Imogen said...

The detailing on the top is so pretty. I also love that bright shade.

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha yea, this is the reason I mostly take pictures in my yard....unless I'm out with a blogger friend who can take them for me