Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ain't it Funnie

I don't know about you, but I get outfit inspiration from all sorts of places.  I may see a model wearing a cool outfit in a toothpaste ad, geek out over cool shoes someone posts on instagram or even just steal ideas from my fashionable friends.  When I put this outfit together, I was in a rush and needed something warm and appropriate to brave the predicted ice storm (that never happened, but anywho). I kept staring at it wondering why it seemed kind of familiar.  Then it hit me.  

Judy Funnie!

This outfit is totally an outfit that Doug Funnie's dramatic older sister would totally rock if she was a real person.  So perhaps all my time spent watching Doug when I was a kid has paid off.  Thanks Judy.  PS, good luck getting the Doug theme song out of your head today.  You're welcome!
Vest|Apt.9   Sweater|Limited   Pants|Old Navy   Boots|Chooka   Beret|Limited   Gloves|Old   Sunglasses|Ann Taylor


Frannie Pantz said...

OMG LOL!!!! I loved that cartoon! And I totally forgot about his older sister. Such a fun throwback. I love your houndstooth print pants. Just lovely!

Unknown said...

LOVE those boots! And can't forget about the Doug reference. Talk about a throwback to my childhood!

Natalie | CincinNatalie

Anonymous said...

Love those boots and the hounds tooth pants. I don't think I've seen that cartoon.