Monday, January 5, 2015


Who doesn't love fancy dog walking clothes?  I know I do. Fun? Totally. Practical? Nope, not at all.  I have been having a blast staying home for the past two weeks with Pearl.  She's such a good pup.  She's a chewer so I am waiting for the day when she destroys a handbag or a pair of shoes like Pete

 I have had this skirt for almost a year, and hadn't really found an ideal way to style it.  I have tried to make it work about 100 times, and I feel like this is the first time I got it right.  This skirt is the base of the worst outfit I ever wore in 2014.  I am glad I didn't capture it on film, but suffice it to say I got called Amish quite a few times that day.  I got this skirt 50% off at a thrift shop, so for 2 bucks I'd say it's been a fine "investment".  I am always more willing to take risks with things I thrift, because if I find I can't make it work then I am usually out less than $5.00.  
 Top|H&M   Skirt|Thrifted   Tights|HUE   Shoes|Bumper   Gloves|Gifted   Glasses|Ann Taylor   Beret|Limited   Belt|NY&Co

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Frannie Pantz said...

We have a backyard and a skiddish dog so we don't go on many dog walks, but I would like to change that when it isn't freezing outside. This is a very stunning dog walking outfit! I absolutely love it! You definitely knocked this skirt styling out of the park!