Thursday, February 19, 2015


Let's talk about zero degree weather please.  I got a few looks whole snapping pics today.  Mostly from people wondering about the state of my mental health for willingly taking off my coat and hat to stand in a frozen alleyway.  As the temperatures drop it gets harder and harder to convince myself to venture outside for outfit pics.  I am already dreaming about the Spring that's promising us it's only a mere four weeks away.  I try and tell myself that sunny=warm, but it's not working. 
Flannel|S.O.   Peplum top|Mossimo   Belt|Express   Trousers|Old Navy   Boots|Blossom   Gloves|Target   Bag|Coach   Sunglasses|Yelp

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Frannie Pantz said...

Yep yep yep. Totally familiar with the feeling--both of looking slightly mental coatless taking photos AND that of spring fever! Love the red and black today!