Monday, February 9, 2015

Wear What You Want. No One Else's Opinion Matters.

Can I get real here for a minute?  I like to make jokes and have a good time on this blog, but I want to write about something serious today.  It stems from a comment I have heard women make over and over again to me.  It happens rather frequently that a woman will look at an outfit I'm wearing and say "I could never pull that off".  

Now I don't claim to be a model.  I have my insecurities like everyone else, but I think that us ladies need to give ourselves a break and not let the size and shape of our bodies dictate what we wear.  I advocate wearing flattering and well fitted clothing, but I think style transcends the number on the clothing label.  Seriously, why can't we give ourselves a break? 

You can wear high waisted jeans even if you don't have Kate Upton's measurements.  You can wear babydoll dresses if you're larger than a size 12.  You can wear high heels even though you may be taller than your boyfriend.  Want to wear skinny jeans even though you don't consider yourself skinny?  Who cares?  No one else's opinion matters.  

And they're going to have opinions.  They'll tell you (or say behind your back) that your skirts are too short, that you can't rock that two piece after having your kid, that you look stumpy in your shorts or that your chin looks bad in turtlenecks.  They'll make you think you can't pull it off when they only one who gets to make that decisions is you.  So if I want to wear these jeans despite the fact my stomach isn't as hard as J.Lo's, I'm just gonna freaking do it because I like it.
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Frannie Pantz said...

Go girl!!!! I feel the same way--always have. I think you always look great so keep it up!