Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fine Looking High Horse

This top is one of my favorite thrifted finds.  I was meeting a girlfriend for a day of shopping when she suggested checking out a local shop.  I walked in an it was buzzing.  There was literally a 20 minutes line for the dressing rooms (which I totally waited in thankyouverymuch) and each aisle was crammed with people loading up their shopping carts.  It was if thrifted goods were the new currency, and people wanted to stock up quick.  My friend assured me it wasn't normally like this, and that I had just happen to come on a day where they were offering a super sale.  There were a few times I was tempted to just leave my little basket and run out the door, but I persisted with all the others and scored three tops and a dress for 11 bucks.  Worth it!
Blouse | Thrifted   Vest |    Skirt | Banana Republic   Tights | HUE   Boots | Blossom

Where else are you going to find a horse themed blouse for $1.99?

What is your best thrifted find?

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