Thursday, March 5, 2015


Everyone who knows me knows that I am officially obsessed with my pup Miss Pearl.  Need evidence?  See here and here.  She is a total sweetie and is really picking up on her training.  Not only am I obsessed with her, I am loving all things Scottish Terrier.  Over the weekend I picked up two scottie figurines at antique shops in Columbus.  I'm not even trying to hide my craziness.  This scarf lets me wear my love for Miss Pearl around my neck!  It was a gift from my husband when we first picked our pup out of the litter back in November.  Each time I wear it I remember holding her in the palm of my hand and wondering how I would wait 6 weeks to bring her home with me.  
 Shirt|Gap   Skirt and boots|Mossimo   Belt|Limited   Tights|HUE   Scarf|gifted   Bag|Coach   Glasses|Ray-Ban


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