Monday, March 30, 2015

Rainy Days and Sundays

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Sunday has to be my most favorite day of the week.  I get up early to go grocery shopping and spend the day cleaning up the house, preparing for the upcoming work week and lounging with my pets while my hubby watches the race.  It's the most casual day of the week for me, and sometimes I take that too far.  Like, when I'm out at the store in my workout pants and hoodie (and no I didn't hit the gym before shopping but no one needs to know kthanks) and the messiest of messy buns.  Girlfriend looks a mess on Sundays.  Now let's add rain to the mix?  There is a better chance of the Housewives having a civil dinner party than me looking put together on a Sunday.  

Photographic evidence?  See above.  This took a lot of effort for me!  I really wanted to stay in my sweatpants (sorry Eva Mendes, but I think my husband still likes me even when I rock those bad boys) and college sweatshirt, but I at least tried a little.  Cozy flannel?  Yup.  Baseball cap to hide unwashed hair? You betchya.  My comfiest pair of jeans?  Yes please!  I consider this a win, because I'm wearing heels.  You can't look stylish every day, there is just no way!  So here is my totally casual rainy day look.

Here are some of my favorite rainy day looks featured on In Kinsey's Closet:


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Frannie Pantz said...

I love me some Eva Mendes, but I agree--sweatpants are not the be all end of all relationships (and if they are, you are in the wrong relationship) and done well they can look very chic! Sundays are probably my favorite day too minus the anticipation of the fact that the weekend is surely to end soon. I love that umbrella!