Thursday, March 26, 2015


As a therapist I can't help but look at this skirt and feel the desire to ask my clients to analyze it and tell me what they see à la Rorschach.  If you see your parents fighting in my skirt then perhaps I could interest you in a business card and an initial session?  Or maybe you look at it and see something akin to a beautiful marble counter top.  Either way, this skirt is at the top of my new favorites list.  I picked it up this weekend and have already worn it three times.  So maybe you don't see the famed psychologist's work in this pattern, but I see a million and one ways to style this bad boy as summer approaches. 
Top|J.Crew   Skirt|Everleigh   Tights|HUE   Shoes|Bumper   Belt|Old Navy   Bag|Coach   Beret|Limited   Glasses|Ann Taylor

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Kaelyn Choo said...

Great outfit and i love it!