Thursday, April 30, 2015

30x30 2: Bright Idea

Day 2 of my 30x30 challenge, and I'm going bold.  I gravitated toward my nude pumps this morning, but decided that 30x30 is all about pushing myself and creating unexpected combinations so I grabbed my turquoise heels.  Simply paired with a matching belt, this look is an early front runner for favorite outfit of the challenge.  Only 28 more looks to go!

One of the biggest problems I'll face in the next 28 days is finding ways to take 30 items and make them work for everything a working woman needs to do.  How can I make sure I have enough outfits that will be appropriate work, fun enough for drinks with the girls and casual enough for weekend play?  It can be tough, because I don't want to box myself into a corner.  I have decided to focus heavily on items that can work in the office, because I am there five days a week versus just two more casual days on weekends.   It really made me thoughtful about incorporating versatile items in my 30!
 Cardigan|Old Navy   Skirt|Merona   Belt|Macy's   Pumps|Bandolinos   Bag|Coach

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

30x30 1: Cheater

Day 1 of my 30 for 30 Challenge, and I'm starting out with the basics. It's a good idea to slowly ease myself into things by taking this mini dress and pairing it with some comfy sandals.  Once things really get going, I will be finding alternate ways to wear this dress, whether it's throwing another skirt over it to make it more work appropriate or layering a button up underneath it.  That's the fun about this whole deal- pushing myself to do things I normally wouldn't do.  Wearing the dress as is almost feels like cheating to me!

Dress|halogen   Cami|Eddie Bauer   Bag|Vintage   Sandals|xhiliration   Sunglasses|NY&Co

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30x30 Round III: The picks!

I am so excited to be working on my third 30 for 30.  It's about time, since the last time I challenged myself was 2011.  Check out my first challenge here and my second challenge here! So what is 30 for 30?  Let's go over the rules.

30 items, 30 outfits
I can choose any 30 items I want, and it will be my challenge over the next month (give or take) to remix them into 30 unique outfits.    The idea here is to pick a balance of dresses, skirts, tops, pants and shoes so that I can create 30 outfits without repeating.  I learned during my first 30 for 30 that I picked too may tops, but it seems like history may be repeating itself as I picked more tops than anything else this time around too.  Accessories, coats and undergarments (including basic camisoles) are not included in the 30 and can be added however I see fit.

No clothing shopping
The main reason this challenge was created in the first place is to gain gratitude for what you already have.  Appreciating what is already hanging in your closet and tasking yourself with finding new ways to wear old favorites is something that can be difficult when you get a case of the I wants.  It's a good reminder that when I tell myself I have nothing to wear that I am just full of it and actually have a closet full of thoughtful choices to pick.

So let's take a looks at the items I have chosen for this round of the 30 for 30.  Click on the item brand to see how I've featured this item before on In Kinsey's Closet.

11 tops

3 pants

5 skirts
Merona | Mossimo | Merona | everleigh | H&M

2 cardigans
Merona | Old Navy

    4 dresses

5 shoes/boots

I let my husband pick out an item for my 30 for 30, and he chose the blue suede booties from Style Inc.  Good choice!

Let the games begin!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Every once in a while you find an item that you want to wear over and over again.  I have basically lived in this dress the past few days.  I wore it to work Friday, out to lunch with a friend Saturday and to a meeting on Sunday.  It worked everywhere, and it was super comfortable.  I love the delicacy of the fabric and the coverage it provided.  The nifty buttons up the front allowed me to choose how revealing to make the look.  I buttoned it all the way up for work, and unbuttoned a front slit for drinks.  

The thing I love about this dress is how it is nothing like I own.  When I saw it at H&M on the mannequin I was immediately struck with how different it was from everything hanging in my closet.  A long sleeved maxi in a bold print that is as versatile as this dress is a complete bullseye in my book!
 Dress|H&M  Cami|Express   Bag|Coach  Sandals|MIA   Sunglasses|Old  Bracelet|gifted

Friday, April 24, 2015

That's a Wrap!

There are a few things every working woman needs in her closet.  Of course we've got the basic button down, flattering pencil skirt, neutral flats and a trench.  One that I would argue strongly for is a wrap dress.  Wrap dresses are great because they adjust to accommodate fluctuations in weight/size (holidays amiright?) and accentuate all the right places while skimming and minimizing others.  Add in a bold print and I'm in wardrobe heaven.
Dress|INC   Bag|Coach   Boots|Blossom  Earrings|Gifted

 Check out this other bold wrap dress I've featured on IKC

Thursday, April 23, 2015

In Sickness and In Health

Some times people just get you.  They understand you love a good animal print, but don't want to walk around in a leopard print hoodie that says DIVA in bedazzled letters.  There is a fine line when it comes to animal print between chic and tacky.  For me, I toe the line pretty frequently because I can't help it.  It's a sickness.  No 12 step programs exist for me yet, so I just have to deal with my over-the-topness every once in a while.  

So my husband just gets it. He knows where I stand, and supports the cause by surprising me with gifts every now and then.  These pumps are brought to you courtesy of my stylish husband who just kinda knew I'd love them.  He was right.  So naturally I paired them with a snake print belt and leather.  Oh man, I need help!
 Dress|Merona   Belt|NY&Co.   Bag|Coach  Shoes|Jessica Simpson Collection   Glasses|Ray-Ban  Necklace|Apt. 9

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Pattern Mixing

Gosh I am a sucker for pattern mixing.  There aren't two patterns that I won't try to wear together, and that's a fact folks.  Gingham and paisley? Check!  Plaid and leopard? Done. What about ikat and stripes? Yup.  Heck, I'll even mix textures if it adds a little drama to the outfit.  Last time I wore this skirt I paired it with a simple black turtleneck to let the marbled design shine, but this time I upped the fun factor with a polka dot button up.  I seriously love this look and would wear it every day this week if I could get away with it.  As my mom always says "things don't need to match, they need to go".  This one's for you Mama!
Top|Merona   Skirt|Everleigh   Belt|Limited   Shoes|Nine West   Bag|Coach   Glasses|No label  Necklace|Old

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tee Time

I have a confession.  When I first acquired this shirt, it went into my "sleeping shirt" drawer, and only made appearances at night. It's oversized, and the cotton is sooo comfy.  After a few washes I decided to see if it could make it as a staple in my daytime wardrobe as well.   Who knew your next great outfit could be inspired by your totally frumpy sleepwear?

There are so many stylish ways to wear comfy cotton tees.  Ditch the denim and leggings and reach for something unexpected- like a pleated midi skirt!  I picked this skirt up a long time ago and struggled to find ways to style it until I just decided to try it one with everything and hope something appealed to me.  It's become a closet MVP (see here and here), and this simple tee is elevated by its unique shape and bold pattern.  I just gathered it all in the back to make it fit a bit more snug, tucked it into my skirt and cinched it with a wide belt. Voila! You've just taken your casual cotton tee to the next level!
Tee|Cardinal Spirits   Skirt|Thrifted   Belt|NY&Co   Clutch|Old   Shoes|xhiliration   Glasses|Yelp


Friday, April 10, 2015

Go Bold or Go Home

Most people that know me know that I can't resist a good print.  Bold colors and patterns are pretty much the staple of my wardrobe.  I've had this dress for years, but never featured it on the blog until today.  Here I have just let the dress shine on it's own by pairing it with nude heels and complementary coat, but there are so many ways to wear this.  I've tucked it into skirts, layered a button up underneath and paired it with green tights.  When it comes to bold prints I like to say go big or go home!
Dress|Isaac Mizrahi for Target   Coat|Simply Vera   Pumps|Nine West   Bag|Coach   Glasses|NY&Co   Headband|Urban Outfitters  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Calm Before the Storm

These pictures were taken literally 2 minutes before a severe thunderstorm hit.  I felt the raindrops as I was gathering up my tripod.  It's a miracle I got any shots today, because if I had been ready even five minutes later than I was my pictures would have been rained out. So despite hair made limp by humidity and the pasty "glow" from using flash, I am featuring one of my favorite casual outfits for Spring.

I love the kelly green and navy color combination.  It screams preppy to me, and though I don't consider myself preppy (popped collars belong back in 2004) I love this look.  It's really simple, which is great!  I don't really feel like making interesting outfits and unusual pairings every day.  Some days I just want to throw on something easy that works, and this is the epitome of easy. 
Sweater|Old Navy   Skirt|Banana Republic   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Coach   Pin|Vintage   Glasses|No label   Cuff|Old

What is your easy go-to look for Spring?