Monday, May 18, 2015

30x30 14: Wearing a Dress as a Top

One of my biggest tricks during this 30 for 30 has been wearing dresses as tops.  Tucking them into skirts and securing with a cinched belt has allowed me to really increase my outfit options.  I've already used this trick three times since beginning the challenge. 

Prior to starting In Kinsey's Closet I was pretty set in my ways.  Tops were tops, dressess were dresses and there was no in between.  Seeing other style bloggers mixing and matching their wardrobes in interesting ways has been really inspiring for me.  This means no limits! 
Blouse(dress)|Max Studio   Skirt|Merona   Belt|Charlotte Ronson  Clutch|Vintage   Shoes|Jessica Simpson   Glasses|No Label

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