Friday, May 1, 2015

30x30 3: Midi

Back in high school I owned exactly one midi-skirt.  Back then it was called a "peasant skirt", but I had one and loved it dearly.  I cringe a little when I think back to some of the outfits I wore featuring that old white skirt, but as Kim K would say I was feeling my look!  These days my closet has a few more midi skirts (here is one of my favorites!), including this recent H&M purchase.  I grabbed it almost immediately when I saw it, and when I noticed it was less than $30 I practically sprinted to the cash register.  

I wore this outfit to dinner with my sister to dinner recently, and one of the women working at the restaurant approached me and told me she loved my outfit.  Or more accurately "my sister would totally love everything about this".  I get approached in public about what I'm wearing fairly often, and it always makes me smile.  Thank you for making my day kind stranger!
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