Friday, May 8, 2015

30x30 8: Mixing Black and Brown

I hate to admit how strongly I held on to "fashion rules" when I was younger.  There were some color combinations that I absolutely could not wear because it was akin to mixing gasoline with a lit match- disaster.  I don't quite recall when I just decided I didn't care about rules or what other people thought of my clothes, but it was really nice.  I was free to mix black and brown, an elegant skirt with a tee shirt and expensive items with cheapie thrift finds.  No combination is off limits in my book.

With my limited options in the 30 for 30 Challenge, I am bound to make some interesting combinations.  The best part of this whole challenge is just learning to be okay with pairings that seem a little odd.  The best part about expressing yourself through clothing is that it is so easy to change!  Don't like what you're wearing today?  Tomorrow is a completely fresh start.
Dress&sandals|xhiliration   Cardigan|Merona  Bag|Coach   Belt|Banana Republic   Sunglasses|No label
See how I've worked this color combination before!

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