Tuesday, June 23, 2015

30x30 25: Nip/Tuck

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I have made a post.  I needed a new (insanely small) battery for my camera remote, and I never remembered to swing by the store to get it and then Orange is the New Black happened and I was a lost cause.  So I'm back with my 30x30 trying to pull off flannel in 80 degree weather!

This outfit features my saving grace for the challenge: wearing a dress as wither a top or a skirt.  I took my flannel, knotted it at the waist and tucked it under a wide belt.  I wore that over this dress and voila!  New skirt! I have utilized this so many times over the past few weeks to get more mileage out of my 30 pieces.  I only have five more outfits left, and I can guarantee I'll pull this trick out again.
Flannel|Mossimo   Dress (worn as skirt)|Max Factor   Belt|Banana Republic   Bag|Coach   Heels|Jessica Simpson

Bonus Miss Pearl picture!

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