Thursday, June 25, 2015

30x30 27: Forever 29

I remember buying this shirt nearly four years ago when I was in Texas with my dad for a therapy conference.  We had some time to kill and decided to peruse the shops in between seminars.  I walked into the Forever21 and saw this and immediately knew I wanted it.  Now I don't go into F21 anymore because I feel like a great-grandmother trying to party at an 18 and over discotheque.  I am glad I have it, and it had really held up well compared to many of the other F21 purchases I have made over the years.

I, for one, wouldn't want to remain 21 forever.  Who wants to relive the crazy year where you're learning how to hold your alcohol (I was not a big underage drinker in college), studying to try and keep your grades up in college and don't have any clue what "real life" is yet.  I wouldn't mind being Forever29 because I'm happier now than I have ever been!
Top|F21   Jeans|Gap   Belt|Old   Bag|Olivia+Joy   Sandals|xhiliration   Cuff|Gift   Sunglasses|Ray-Ban


Frannie Pantz said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOT me! I will take 33 over 21 any day! Love this casual look and THAT BAG!!!

Rory said...

I love the shirt, great pattern. Sometimes I wish I was younger, still at college, don't work. But only sometimes, I really like work because I have my own money :)