Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fresh as a Daisy

This jumpsuit has been my second skin this summer.  I have worn it on a winery trip with girlfriends, to the lake house and any casual trip I have made since picking this up in May.  I got this at Nordstrom and hesitated buying it due to the print and flowy pant, but I just needed it.  I tend to keep the accessories minimal with this, because the daisy pattern is all the look I can handle!

Full disclosure: I wore this to the dog park with Miss Pearl yesterday and a dog PEED ON ME!  Just hiked up his leg and let loose.  I guess this print is not popular with men of the canine variety...
Jumpsuit|Nordstrom   Clutch|Jessica Simpson   Bracelet|Old    Glasses|Ray-Ban

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I have been leaning toward monochromatic looks recently, and none are as feminine as this bubble gum flamingo inspired look.  I found this great skirt while thrifting with my mother over the weekend.  I was actually on the lookout for some solid wood furniture pieces to refurbish, but this skirt caught my eye instead.  It's so comfortable, and the length is great for work.  Paired with a silky pastel top and my hot pink pumps it makes me feel sort of Jackie O.  
Top|Chico's   Skirt|Thrift   Shoes&Bag|Coach   Necklace|Charming Charlie   Glasses|Limited

The Half Bun

The half bun has made a comeback.  I have to admit that this has been my go to style lately because it is super easy and trendy.  This look reminds me of all the hairstyles 11 year old Kinsey liked.  Side ponytails, half my bangs clipped back (I know, I know) and "the wet" look were my faves.  11 year old Kinsey also had a crunchy perm and wore Golden Girls glasses, so we are talking major upgrade.  Paired with one of my favorite skirts and a high pair of heels, the half bun fits better with 29 year old Kinsey!

Several weeks ago I had thrown my hair into my usual go-to messy bun to run errands and my husband ever so sweetly pointed out that he didn't like when I wore my hair like that.  Actually he phrased it "that's interesting" which is guy code for BLECH!  He is always supportive of my crazy, so I know if it bothered him enough to say something he must really hate it.  So bye by top knot and hello half bun!
Top|Macys   Skirt|Gap   Sandals|Carsons   Belt|Old Navy   Bag|Coach   Necklace|Old   Glasses|Ray-Ban

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard

This isn't the first time I have worn this Old Navy Active workout tank as real wear.  This tank has gotten tons of use since I got it after Thanksgiving last year.  I featured here in January and this top is a regular feature at my 6AM spin classes.  It's comfortable and laid back, so I decided to pair it with one of my favorite skirts for drinks with a girlfriend this weekend.  So yeah, basically I wore a shirt saying DO WORK to the bar.  It's how I roll: work hard, play hard!

I originally had a think yellow belt tied around the waist of this look, but I decided at the last minute that I liked the all black look a lot better.  I rarely follow the advice to remove one accessory before leaving the house, but today's look is a perfect example of how sometimes less is more. 
Top|Old Navy   Skirt|Michael Kors   Sandals|xhiliration   Bag|Coach   Sunglasses|NY&Co.  Cuff|gifted

Monday, July 27, 2015

Target Chicken

I can neither confirm nor deny that following these photos I went to Target and played a game of Target chicken with myself.  You totally know you do this to.  You have your cart loaded up with things you so totally need, but as you're making your way to the check out lane you try and see how many items you can talk yourself out of.   I said no to everything in my cart except one magazine.  I count making it out of Target for less than$5 a huge success!

Check out how else I have styled this dress here and here!
 Dress|Rebecca Taylor   Cardi|Macys   Bag|Coach   Sandals|Aldo   Sunglasses|Target  Brooch|Stella&Dot

Friday, July 24, 2015

When Life Hands You Flowers

On one hand I love the summer sun because it is so warm and welcoming.  On the other hand it can make taking outfit pictures pretty tough.  Unless you're blessed with a quick cloud cover you either have to take pictures in the evening or find a place in shadow to avoid being washed out.  I have to say that even though the lighting isn't ideal, I just loved this whimsical mural and wanted to take my pictures here.  Sometimes life gives you pretty flower murals and you just do what you want!

Let's chat about this canvas bag.  I bought it about 8 years ago at the Pike Place market in Seattle.  When I lived in Seattle I always enjoyed walking to the market on a Saturday morning to buy a big bouquet of fresh flowers that usually lasted all week until I went again.  I used this bag throughout college as a backpack too.  I actually have a few of these bags with different fruit and flowers featured on each one, and I often use this as my "lake bag" when I go to the lake on the weekends.  I'd say I got my $20 worth from this nearly decade old purchase!
Dress&Sandals|xhiliration   Belt|Charming Charlie  Bag|Pike Market   Sunglasses|Target

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bark Park

Yesterday my girlfriend Alyssa and I took Miss Pearl to the bark park near my house.  We spent about 45 minutes watching her run around with other dogs and have the time of her life.  Since I needed to dress to chase my pup around (and fend off slobbery muddy pooches) I decided to go very casual.  A comfy pair of jeans, printed flats, my husband's old undershirt and a flannel in case it got cool in the evening were all I needed.  I have also been using my backpack a ton!  It is so easy to toss everything into and go without lugging it over my shoulder like a purse.  I needed my hands to be free to hold Miss Pearl!
Shirt|Husband's   Jeans|Gap   Flannel|S.O.   Leopard flats|XOXO   Backpack|Olivia+Joy   Sunglasses|NY&Co.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I'm going to be honest here: my husband suffers from a debilitating disorder called hangriness.  I'm sure you've heard the term hangry before; it's when you are so hungry you become angry.  When he was taking my pictures last night he was hurrying me along so he could go get some grub.  We shot in the last few minutes of daylight, so I am in love with lighting in these pictures.  Too bad my enjoyment of the sunset was drowned out by my husband's stomach gurgles!
Top&Skirt&Belt|Banana Republic  Vest|Chicos   Shoes|Mossimo   Bag|Olivia+Joy  Glasses|Ray-Ban  Pin|Vintage