Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bark Park

Yesterday my girlfriend Alyssa and I took Miss Pearl to the bark park near my house.  We spent about 45 minutes watching her run around with other dogs and have the time of her life.  Since I needed to dress to chase my pup around (and fend off slobbery muddy pooches) I decided to go very casual.  A comfy pair of jeans, printed flats, my husband's old undershirt and a flannel in case it got cool in the evening were all I needed.  I have also been using my backpack a ton!  It is so easy to toss everything into and go without lugging it over my shoulder like a purse.  I needed my hands to be free to hold Miss Pearl!
Shirt|Husband's   Jeans|Gap   Flannel|S.O.   Leopard flats|XOXO   Backpack|Olivia+Joy   Sunglasses|NY&Co.


Frannie Pantz said...

A perfect dog park look! My dog is too scared to go to the dog park, but when I dog sit and get to go it is so much fun! Love the plaid and leopard combo!

xoxo, K said...

Miss Pearl is such a cutie! I live right by a huge pet resort (that has a dog park) and have yet to visit. My dog Moscato gets a wee bit feisty sometimes... Not mean, but overly playful, so I always worry.