Thursday, July 16, 2015

Make 30 Outfits With Only 30 Items From Your Wardrobe

Most women I know have struggled with the "closet full of clothes but nothing to wear" dilemma a time or two.  It's completely false and unreasonable, but it still happens to the best of us!  It can make us think we need  new clothes and lead us to make unnecessary purchases.  What if, instead of buying new clothes to fill our closets, we make mindful choices from a few of our very favorite items?  It's the perfect way to fall in love with what we already own and force us to be more creative when we get dressed each morning.

This is the basic idea behind the 30 for 30 Challenge.  Choose any 30 items you want and then use those pieces, plus carefully selected accessories and outwear, to create 30 unique outfits.  It inspires combinations you may have never considered before!  

The Picks
Gap|Old Navy|Old Navy


MLB|Limited|Old Navy|J.Crew|Mossimo|Mossimo|Limited|Old Navy|Limited|Gap|F21

Merona|Ol Navy

Halogen|xhiliration|Max Factor|Banana Republic

Blossom|Nine West|Bandolinos|xhiliration|Style&Co.

The Looks

What I Learned

I have done this challenge previously (here and here), and each time I learn something new! 

1. Wearing dresses as tops or skirts truly extends your wardrobe. This trick was so helpful to me during this challenge.  I was able to wear the same dress as both a blouse and a skirt just by adding another item.  To wear it as a top I simply tucked it into a skirt (I have also tucked mini dresses into jeans), and to wear as a skirt I layered a flannel and tucked it into a wide belt.  You can do more with a dress than just pair it with heels!

Each of these looks feature a dress worn in a unique way
2. If you choose your favorite items you will have a lot more fun getting dressed.  The previous times I have done this challenge I would pick items I thought could get me the most mileage.  They weren't necessarily my favorites or pieces I loved, but basics I knew could mix well.  It made for a boring-ish challenge.  This time I only picked things I was excited to wear over and over again.  Suddenly getting dressed was exciting, not challenging!

3 different ways to wear my favorite Banana Republic wrap dress

3.  Trying new ways to pair your items leads to unlimited possibilities.  Instead of pairing that sports team tee with your favorite jeans, why not try a loud pair of trousers?  Pair that dress with jeans to create a completely different look!  How about layering garments you've never layered before to try something new?  By the end of this challenge I could have easily come up with 10 more outfits that I'd be happy to wear

4.  I have ENOUGH.  Throughout this challenge I was waiting for someone to notice that I had worn the same skirt twice in one week or the same pants twice in a row.  You know what?  No one did!  30 items was enough to get me through ball games, job interviews, happy hours, workdays and weekend trips with options to spare.  I have easily 10 times more clothes hanging around my closet that I was just fine without!  

I recommend for everyone to try thoughtfully going through your closet and seeing what you can do without.  We have all heard the advise to donate something if you haven't worn it in a year or if it doesn't fit.  I have to agree.  It was much easier getting dressed when I knew everything I had to chose from fit well, was something I loved and could be styled several different ways.  Whether or not you do the challenge is up to you, but I challenge you to embrace the mantra less is more!

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Frannie Pantz said...

These are tremendous points and lessons from this challenge. I did, as you know, a much shorter version and learned the same thing--namely that I have more than enough clothes. I really loved the way you remixed all of these items. You did a great job with this challenge!