Monday, August 3, 2015

Daytime Pajamas

This oversize tee is seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  The best part?  It was free!  I got it at an event where Cardinal Spirits was showcasing their products, and I snapped it up to be a comfortable sleeping shirt or to lounge around the house.  I'm going to be honest about this look- I slept in this shirt and then threw on jeans and called it a day. Toss on some strappy flat sandals and I'm ready to go.  Bonus: I just took the jeans off and went to sleep later that night!  Talk about lazy versatile!

Check out how I styled this tee with a midi pleated skirt earlier this year here!
Shirt|Cardinal Spirits   Jeans|Gap   Bag|Olive+Joy   Glasses|Yelp   Belt|H&M   Sandals|Aldo


xoxo, K said...

Sometimes I read things like this and wish I still wore contacts (I have them, just rarely - if ever - put them in my eyes). Sunglasses have just gotten SO cute. I absolutely love the pair you're wearing and their retro-ish vibe.

xoxo, K said...

and woah! hold up! you got those sunglasses from Yelp!?!? I need to hang with yelpers in Indy like I did in STL if they have cool shades like that.